One Last Look at the Past

A picture says a thousand words

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  1. A) We now know CP3 didn’t choose the Clips over us because he looks cooler in their jersey.

    B) Blake Griffin is about the only man alive that can make a Clippers jersey look smooth.

  2. Damn he got there quickly!!! Al Aminu the only guy who arrived today for us as if he was the only one trying to get out of LA. That picture is unbelievable to see he even has his Clipper’s CP3 shoes on as well wow lol!

    • They were probably told not to report until Saturday. The team is going to be in Memphis for tomorrow’s game. Doubtful any would play, so no need to get off on a bad foot with the new guys and have them rush to town to find everyone gone.

    • Lol I know He will NOT WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP with the clippers so it was a waste but I guess he just wanted the bright lights, I respect him but bad choice..

      • Paul/Griffin is an incredible duo to build around if both stay healthy. That tandem absolutely has championship potential if the Clips build around them properly. That’s a big “IF” – but to say he “just wanted the bright lights” is obviously wrong. He wants to win. That wasn’t going to happen in New Orleans anytime soon.

        The Clips will now be my 2nd favorite team.

    • That’s a really immature and bitter viewpoint. Paul doesn’t owe you or me anything. He’s a superstar in his prime and now he gets to play with another… no reason to blame him for wanting that.

  3. People are underestimating the Clippers, I seriously think they are a contender for this years championship, and with their cap space I wouldn’t rule out if them pulling a deal for Dwight next summer and forming a virtually unbeatable team. Billups can play a Kyle Korver type spot-up shooter role and will excel next to Paul. Griffin and Jordan are both excellent at finishing at the rim, and Caron Butler can take offensive pressure off Paul. As for the Hornets, after some long thought, I have come to the conclusion that the worst thing the Hornets can do this season is win. We have 0.001 chance of winning the championship this year, and with a shortened season and a loaded draft it would be a waste. The long-term future however, seems bright in New Orleans.

  4. i dnt knw if cp3 wud read this but all the best mate, i wish u much success just not against the hornets. u will b sadly missed. we got some really gud players out of this deal, lets hope they become great teammates

  5. this…. hurts. a lot. like seeing your ex putting up pictures of her with her brand new boyfriend.


    • It does.

      I was snarky, and I felt that, but I felt hurt and anger too.

      Whole nine yards.

      I think overall it’s just a sign of another missed opportunity. Chris is a lesson. That’s the current lipstick for this pig.

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m behind our guys 100%, I just want to make sure we can keep the next Chris Paul.

  6. If you don’t think CP3 loved our city, then you need to go watch his Clipper press conference introduction. Dude almost broke down in the intro and had a long pause followed by a very awkward, “Oh, and I’m excited to be a Clipper.” It was all as a New Orleanian I needed to see. Guy had me choked up.

    Jeff Bowser and co. ruined this for the rest of us. When you think of the litany of mistakes the previous regime made, who could possibly blame CP3 for wanting to legitimately chase a title? They literally did nothing right for 2-3 years following our playoff run.

    I hope yall can cherish the past and everything Chris did for us and welcome him back to our city with open arms when he comes back, and come back to do community work you damn sure know he will. It’s a basketball decision.

    I’ll be rooting for him the whole way as a Clipper and legitimately see them as 1B with the Thunder right now. Remember, CP3 has done far more with far less before.

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