Clippers Reject Most Recent Hornets Deal

Published: December 12, 2011

Update at 7:38 CT (the only time zone that matters in America)- The Clippers claimed Chauncey Billups off the amnesty waiver wire by outbidding other teams. Despite that, ESPN is now saying that there is now a renewed push to get the deal done, possibly as soon as tomorrow.

Yahoo reported earlier that it was Eric Bledsoe, oddly enough, that was the breaking point for the Clippers. There has been no additional clarification on whether or not they would have accepted the deal sans Bledsoe, but with Gordon, the pick, etc.

Insanity. Insanity. Insanity. It was not that long ago that people did not receive news about wars they were fighting until months and months after it happened.

According to ESPN, the Clippers have rejected the Hornets most recent offer which would have sent Chris Paul to LA. The Hornets supposed asking price which included both Eric Gordon AND the 2012 Minnesota first round draft pick, along with Al-Farouq Aminu, Eric Bledosoe, and Chris Kaman’s expiring deal. It was was simply too much for LA’s second team, and they said that.

If I were the Hornets I’d totally drop Eric Gordon from the deal since he’s going to want a huge contract next year and it’s not quite clear if he will ever develop into a true superstar, and instead ask for additional future picks. Also on the table is the possibility to drop the 2012 Minnesota pick from the deal and to keep Gordon in it.

Either one of those would be enough of a concession by the Hornets to get the deal done. Plus it ensures the Hornets are bad enough this year that they would almost certainly wind up with a high lottery pick.

Oh, and it allows us to actually start building a team for this year. According to Monty Williams, who yesterday said they were looking at plans G and H, the Hornets are right now in the pre-planning stage again.


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