Rumors: Immediate Reaction to Potential Paul to Lakers Deal

Even newer update– Marc Stein: One source close to the three-team Chris Paul trade talks just told “The deal is off.”

Reasons given are that the NBA pressured the Hornets not to deal Paul there.

New Update- Woj: NBA owners have pushed commissioner David Stern to kill the deal sending Chris Paul to the Los Angeles Lakers, sources tell Y! Sports. The NBA is now pushing New Orleans GM Dell Demps to pull the plug on the trade and keep Chris Paul.

From Marc Stein– ESPN CP3 trade latest: Trade with Lakers will NOT go through Friday and Chris Paul is expected in Hornets camp, according to sources. It was not immediately clear, sources said, if three-way trade involving Hornets, Lakers and Rockets is merely snagged or in jeopardy

Update (that for some reason didn’t post an hour + ago)- Major media outlets are saying this is a done deal with Houston as the third team. We’ll have details and analysis up as soon as it’s official. Hornets postponed the opening of training camp tomorrow, so it’s possibly we will see final resolution before then.

First off, two minutes before the news that the Lakers trade could be happening soon came out, I tweeted the following—“ Couldn’t it help Hornets if big source were to report that they are close to accepting LAL deal but will wait for final offers?”

I can’t help but think that’s a possibility here. Make it know that you WILL NOT WAIT. Put a big public deal that, a. isn’t as horrible as it’s made out to (assuming lots and lots of first round picks and a good chunkof Houston’s young talent are included), and b. Will create panic and fear in the hears of the other Western Conference lowballers (that’s you, Clips and Warriors) that the Lakers dynasty will never be toppled and that no matter they do they won’t be competing for 5+ years. Is that true? Not necessarily, but CP3 on LA is a scary thought. If you can prevent it and make your team better, you do it, even if you might have to give up slightly more than you want.

So I’m expecting that we see the best offers from Golden State and the Clippers (who curiously will reportedly sign Caron Butler for 3 years, 24 million) in the next day or two. Will they be better than the Lakers/Rockets offer? That’s tough to say since we don’t know the details of it, but we can assume that if they still have any interest in Paul, they will need to offer something besides expiring deals and marginal young talent.

At this point it seems like Demps doesn’t want to even head into camp with Paul on the roster. I assume that’s why he’s putting the screws to Paul’s suitors to put their best offer forward. This might even make the Lakers deal better in the end since they could get some competition in the end.

Well played, sir. Well played. Now let’s see if Demps closes out the chess match.

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  1. “@WojYahooNBA: The Hornets have started to inform teams that they’re sending Chris Paul to the Lakers for Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom, source says.”

    I like the deal with HOU better – KMart/Scola/picks – than this deal

  2. Wow how things change, 15 mins later it’s:

    “@WojYahooNBA: Hornets working to finalize details on 3-team deal to send Chris Paul to Lakers, Gasol to Rockets and Odom, KMart, Scola to NO, sources say”

    Something doesn’t sound right. The story is constantly changing with this guy but I’ve never really been a fan of his

  3. Multiple reports have a deal with Lakers. And only the lakers. We get Gasol and Odom for Paul. I don’t believe these reports because the salaries don’t work. We would be taking back about 10mil more back than we are sending out. Unless we sent out Mek as well. But that leaves Lakers with 2 centers… If we were stuck with the lakers I would prefer bynum to gasol… And it also make more sense logistically for us to get bynum as opposed to pau… But hopefully this is just a bluff by Demps.

  4. I’d also like to point out if the latter is true – Kmart, Scola & Odom…our Defensive-minded philosophy is OUT THE WINDOW!

    • Exactly my first impressions. All they had left after cp3 left was the hope of playing defense! No young talent either. 🙁 sad day for the hornets…

  5. it was reported by yahoo that the celtics had the pacers to get in on a 3-team trade. This is what would have happened
    NOLA- Collison, Brandon Rush and picks
    Boston- Chris Paul
    Pacers- Rondo

  6. Really do we know anything more than we’ve ever known. Let’s no let this turn into the hornets report forum… Bunch of alarmist titty babies THATS right titty babies. You think that if we do end up with a odom/ Martin/ Scola/ dragic type deal , dells not gonna be moving at least half those guys? I really wish I could ignore all the bullshit till we have an actual deal, not gonna happen.

    • Yes, we do know a lot more now. Hornets cancelled morning training camp, cancelled their meeting with me tonight (less relevant), and it’s being reported everywhere this is pretty much done.

      It’s either a deal or a clever negotiating tactic. Hoping the latter, but expecting the former.

    • Good points. The free agency stuff is just starting. Even after all this that’s gone down today, we still don’t know who will be on the team opening night.

  7. Don’t trust a word of Wojankovasichksldgdbyrckiy. He’s full of crap, gets the occasional thing right but when u predict 30 different outcomes in one day, you hope u would. Last night he was saying it would be Boston dealing is the alien. I’d be ok with Bynum n odom if they took Meks but otherwise Dell better be bluffing or we have found Bower 2.0

      • i use to thinkso, use to think yahoo’s stuff was good but yahoo has been spreading as much bullshit as espn this pre season so far

  8. Well now I’m seeing reports that the lakers backed out of of the bynum deal. They then began talking to the Rockets. And included the Hornets in their deal, but forgot to ask the hornets how they felt about the deal. In other words, the three way trade at this point isn’t likely to happen right now. That could change soon, but apparently Demps is pretty ticked at the situation lol

  9. Problem is, who actually wants K Mart (always injured and plays no defense) or Scola (overpaid)? What could we flip them for? Odom sure, but he’s such a sourpuss and always says he wants to live near a beach, so he’ll just whine on any contender. Also, he’s married to a Kardashian

  10. I think Demps has been thinking about this whole trade fiasco the whole offseason, and knows what he wants and will get what he wants.

  11. 1) we are not getting any good young talent

    2) no draft picks

    3) no salary cap relief

    4) a bunch of guys who wont play well together


    • 1) Dragic and K-Mart aren’t necessarily old…

      2) We get 2 draft picks actually (Knicks 1st rounder, Lakers 2nd rounder)

      3) This is true, but do we really need salary cap relief? We only have 5 players!

      4) How do you know they won’t play well together? They should have great chemistry considering most of them have already played on the same team together (Kevin Martin, Trevor Ariza, Luis Scola). I’ve never thought of Odom as a chemistry problem either…

      5) What’s there to complain about? We get quality players and a #1 draft pick!

      • 1 – I said talent. These guys won’t take us anywhere

        2- those draft picks were not included

        3- we need relief so we have chances at signing good players

        4- odom won’t want to play here bottom line. We will be getting Miami heat odom

        5- bad trade

  12. Well played? If they rumors are true, they are getting mediocre assets. Apparently the (artificial) rush to get a deal done immediately led to crappy results. Whether or not you think an alternative would have been better, applauding Dell’s gamesmanship here seems like a mighty stretch.

  13. Some of you people really think that this is a bad deal to me this the best deal yet.Why get the Celtics Rondo and 2013 & 2014 draft picks when we’re getting 1st rd draft picks in 2012 & 2013.

    • how is this a good deal? give me 1 positive of this trade? we are getting a bunch of quarters for a dollar. no real perinnial allstar or potential allstar

      this trade is terrible

    • Adrian Wojnarowski: “It is likely that the Hornets will receive draft picks as part of a package for Paul, but source says: “Those are still being determined.” I think this what he’s referring to but I don’t see anything on that yet

  14. My friend with the Lakers says its official… Hornets screwing up this season as well as the next 3 with no chance of getting better. Going to be stuck as a .500 team for 4 years

  15. I’m done with the NBA. There clear lack of respect for small market teams is sickening. I refuse to support any league when that league clearly plays favorites.

  16. I dont understand how we can give up the best player in this deal and not even get the second best player back

  17. I don’t get the negativity at all? We flipped CP3 for nearly an entire starting lineup. We have a player who will drop 30 for us nightly and trade assets (Odom + picks). You people are nuts. I was BEYOND furious at the Gasol+Odom news but this news makes me so ridiculously pumped I couldn’t be happier.

    • LOL. WHO DROPS 30 HERE? And yeah, we got most of a starting lineup…that couldn’t make the playoffs last year. They finished 43-39, the dreaded middle

      • We got most of a starting lineup and Lamar Odom moron. I’m done reading til these facts are out. You negative whiny bitches are killing my high. ONE PLAYER. WE TRADED ONE PLAYER

      • But there are other pieces to be added! Why do so many posters act like these potential LA/Houston players the entire Hornets roster?

    • you know nothing about basketball then. you need a superstar or bonafide all star or two to win in this league

      we are getting no where near that

      • Did Denver get one for Melo? Cleveland get one for the Queen? Your comment isn’t realistic!

  18. This trade is just another bone tossed to the Lakers. First Shaq, then Gasol, now Paul. This trade does nothing for us we have to hope to get a star in next year drafts then pray he stays. We should have taken a stance like Cleveland with LeBron. They die, but they dead trying. I can respect that. We just surrendered to mediocrity.

    This franchise and league will not get another penny out of me.

    • I agree da Throne, its ridiculous. My theory is David Stern runs the NBA and is keeping the Lakers as a major power in the West by being the puppet master behind this trade. If I dont post on here in a while, my theory was right and David Stern has abducted me because I found out. Pray for me yall.

  19. This isn’t a pessimistic bunch of people. Two days ago every comment I read supported a Clippers or GSW trade which you never see from fans when their team is trading their franchise player. This just isn’t a good deal at all. If we traded Ariza and Okafor as well I’d understand it was a cap related move, but we got no good young players, no great picks and no cap relief. I’m stunned.

  20. I just feel sorry for my fellow New Orleanian “idots” who stepped up to the plate and purchased all of those high dollar season tickets in order to support an “NBA Owned Farm Team” called the “Hornets” that will be sending any talent that happens to be developed here on to the “Big Money Markets” like the Lakers….. While we get to enjoy the scrubs that get left behind…. Or, until they’re good enough to move on!….. Happy Holidays Guys and Gals!

    • Hey, jimmy.

      I can’t speak for everyone else, but I’m happy to have a team and I get to see some good basketball.

      Also, the tickets aren’t that expensive.

    • I’ll sum up my feelings this way. I want to support a team that has a chance to win. I’m 48 years old and have been a Saints fan my entire life. Most of my years of being a Saints fan were rewarded with a giant kick in the nuts. However, we sucked because our organization sucked. Bad coaches, bad GMs, bad owners. We were our own worst enemy. However, with the NBA (and the lack of any real leveling of the playing field in the new CBA) the system is set up so that we have an infinitesimally small chance to succeed. So why should I continue to support this team and this league when they are basically telling me… thank you for your money sucka!

  21. WOW! If this deal is true I might have to agree with all of the NBA conspiracy nut cases that claim the league is rigged. Horrible deal.

  22. WE TRADED ONE MOTHER FRICKING PLAYER YOU IDIOTS. We are in this position because we had 1 asset. Jesus, quit expecting a championship team for ONE FLIPPING GUY. We made out like bandits and will have an exciting season, contending for a playoff spot.

    • your dumb. how many times does a chris paul caliber player come around? now were going to be stuck as a 500 team with no chance at getting a potential stud…idiot

      • You dont put your team in a better position by giving up a top 7 or 8 talent to get a bunch of starting role players thats not how you build a winning team. would of easily preferred trade to the clippers for aminu bledsoe minny draft pick and kaman. hands down…man down

  23. If the Lakers do this, this would be the dumbest trade in NBA history. Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom for Chris Paul. I can’t see them giving two big men away for Chris Paul. I hope and pray that this is not true.

  24. David Aldridge reports – “The deal is not done. Sources indicate while the Lakers and Rockets are comfortable with the deal, the Hornets are still making inquiries about Paul with other teams.”

    Come on Dell pull this off and get more pieces….LET’S GO!!!

  25. I like lamar but Luis scola is better. Still undersized though. Cant we like have to wait a while before we can trade a player we traded for. So likely, we’ll have crowded power fowards till the all- star break. We have to sign and trade west, trade okafor and jack for a good point guard and a talllllllllllllll center. I do like Kendall Marshall. Though. Ariza is fine. The SG SF and PF positions are fine for starters and bench. Our PG and Center need a change quicklyyyy

  26. So… right now…….


    P.S. I love adding Kevin Martin but he’s not gonna be able to do it by himself. He’s 28 and turns 29 in february. Expect a big year from him.

    • We actually took on money, we got 31 million dollars to add to our cap because of this deal, thats why this trade fails in ESPN trade machine.

      Unless we include okafor, we have no cap space.

  27. People who are talking about season ticket holders. Season ticket holders aren’t dumb. They knew what was going on going into the offseason. They knew the uncertainty of CP3 not being a Hornet next year. They knew the uncertainty of ownership and lease. They still bought tickets.

    • Queen, some people need to be `associated’ with a winner for a reason.

      Other people, we just love our city and love our boys, no matter who they are or where they were.

  28. This trade seems unbelievably bad for the Hornets to me. Yes, they’re getting a few pretty good players in return–but that’s the problem. I see no potential for an escape from mediocrity in NO’s future after this deal. They won’t get much better. Scola and Kevin Martin are what they are and will stay pretty good but not good enough for years. Odom will only get worse soon. NO won’t be a contender with this lineup and they won’t be bad enough to be rescued by the lottery.

    If the Clippers could get their heads out of the sand and offer Kaman, Mo Williams, Bledsoe, and the Minny pick, plus maybe Aminu or another future pick, that would be much better. Yes, the team would be worse this year, and that’s the point. All the value in that Clippers offer would be backloaded, not frontloaded or spread out evenly, allowing NO to get maximum value out of this year’s draft.

    • Now ESPN’s saying there’s also two draft picks, which changes things somewhat. In that case, the deal is probably pretty bad, maybe mediocre, but not terrible. Depends on if either of the picks is likely to be a lottery pick in this year’s draft. Still, I think NO’s front office should’ve taken a shot at rebuilding instead of just trying to become a .500 team that might be able to make it to the first round of the playoffs for a few years.


    Lakers receive- Chris Paul

    Rockets receive- Pau Gasol

    Hornets receieve- Kevin Martin, Luis Scola, Lamar Odom, Goran Dragic, & 1st rounders.


    • F-Scola, F-Ariza, C-Okafor, G-Martin, G-Jack

      F-Odom, F-Pondexter, C-Gray, G-Belinelli, G-Dragic

      … Thats a solid team folks … the starting 5 is definitely better than last year’s … & we got 1st round draft picks from this deal too. All the players that the Hornets received are all good players who will contribute!!!!

      I like Scola better than West …
      I like Martin starting at the ‘2’ better than I like Belinelli starting there…
      I like Odom better than Landry, because he can play 5-positions …
      I like Dragic off the bench better than Jack …
      … obviously, NONE OF US like Jack starting at the Point better than we would like CP3 starting there!

      … BUT, the Positives clearly out weight the 1 ‘BAD’!


      • that is the dumbest thing i’ve read in my life. there is no way in hell. repeat in H….E………L……..L this team is better without paul! i mean im as mad as the next hornet fan but De’nile was more than just a river in Egypt.

  30. Mek probably going to houston. They are in need of a center and they also having the missing 10 mil that needs to be accounted for.

  31. I REALLY hope this is a bluff. Odom is over 30, scola is over 30, martin is injury prone, and dragic isnt really starting quality. Id be surprised if dell goes through with this and i hope this is just a scare to the warriors and clippers like u said it might be. I dont see how this trade is better than the others being that we would take on so much salary and would likely also make us have to deal mek and leave the center position empty.

    • Who said anything about Dragic starting? He surely wouldn’t start over Jack. Is Jack going somewhere? I hadn’t heard.

      • give him a few months and he could be hes really quite a handy player. still dnt like the trade

  32. More people are pissed that CP is going to the Lakers than the actual trade itself. The Hornets just got (potentially) solid bits and pieces, but likely screwed the entire league, at least the Western Conference.

    At least we know the NBA Finals schedule for the next 6 years, Miami-Lakers.

  33. You people don’t get it. Tanking with a 10 win team isn’t a way to keep 10,000 STH’s and attract a new owner. Are we winning a title? No. Are we going to be competitive and get to watch entertaining basketball and care about this season? Bet yo ass.

    • It’ll be fun to watch the season (another Dan Dickau effort year, but more wins), but the playoff picture is already written. Especially if “draft pick+Kwame for Pau Gasol” happens again with Orlando.

  34. Well we can criticize anything right now…. I hoate this trade but hey we just got 4 pretty good (Not as good as Paul) players…..Now i want to wait and see what Demps big plan is because isnt anyway we can be contenders with Meka and No PG soooo obviously Demps is gonna get us some Great players for C and PG now lets see what hes gonna do with these new players….. Please trade Odom and sign Landry we need him and trade odom and maybe meka in a package deal to get us a great PG and C like trade Meka for Jameer Nelson and maybe sign a free Agent Center like Nene who knows lets get it done demps

  35. Can someone please explain this to me, the math for this trade doesn’t work. So I am confused as to why we are putting ourselves over the cap. Please help me understand.

  36. If this is the final deal for the Hornets (Martin, Scola, Odom, and Dragic, MAYBE 1 DRAFT PICK??) then this is an embarrasment, an abomination, for the Hornets new “management”. Trash.

    You trade a top 5 talent for a bunch of 30-year-old players and garbage, with MAYBE 1 DRAFT PICK???

    What a great way to rebuild a team. By getting a bunch of guys who can give you mediocrity for the remainder of their careers. No young talent whatsoever, nothing to build towards the future. NOTHING. Just immediate, temporary pleasure (if you can even call it that).


    This better be only the first transaction of several for Demps. If I am ever going to watch another Hornets game, he better be getting some young talent and draft picks. How do you look at Hornets fans and SMILE to them, telling them that this uninspiring group of trash is why we’re all “In” for the Hornets?

    There better be much more to come.

  37. It’s a good deal NOT because it gives us a solid (and boring) team for the upcoming season, but ONLY if it paves the way for a post-CP3 recovery. For that to happen some of these pieces will need to be traded for other, younger, more future-oriented pieces. Or draft picks. I’d be satisfied (if not happy) if we end up with two lottery picks in next year’s loaded draft.

    • I would have been completely satisfied with trading for 3-4 young players to build around, a.k.a. the Warriors and Clippers offers. We’d suck for a few years, but at least we’d be exciting. We’d be our own incarnation of the Thunder.

      Instead our “brain trust” GM just got a bunch of guys who can compete in the 35-40 win area for a couple years, and then what? What assets would we then have to rebuild after those players are thru with? Nothing.

  38. What a lot of posters ignore is that the Hornets were up against the wall. This was not a trade by choice, but by necessity, to coin a phrase. I’m stunned the Bees got as much back as they did, though they very well may try to unload Odom as his surreality show doesn’t really work in NOLA. For NOLA is just NO-LA.

    Can’t wait for Chris, Kobe, and the Lakers to show up at the Hive. How do you think Chris Paul will be received? He left his heart in New Orleans, after all.

    • I hope he is received well. He didn’t leave as a villain like LeBron and he always gave his hardest when he was here. I’m expecting thunderous applause when he comes back. Baron Davis he ain’t.

    • I’m thinking right now Paul will be boo’d off the court. The feelings may die down by the time he comes back though. I don’t know. Some people probably agreed with Paul that the Hornets couldn’t put a winner around Paul so they may not boo him. But those of them who felt he left just to go to a big market team, will boo him mercifully. I may be wrong though.

      • Sorry, I’m not a big fan of selfish players. Paul thinks the world is better elsewhere, let him go. But I sure hope he never wins a championship. Maybe then he’ll realize you can’t always have things your way.

  39. The players the Hornets are getting aren’t bad… they’re just not young. That’s the problem.
    This team can make the playoffs… but as a bottom seed. It’s a double-edged sword. It’s good to be in the postseason… but nobody wants to be stuck as a fringe playoff team forever.
    This trade doesn’t allow the Hornets to rebuild and there’s nobody to rebuild around on the roster.
    The Hornets likely won’t get a draft pick high enough to draft a new centerpiece of the organization. That’s why Steph Curry was so attractive – definitely someone you could build around, which is also why I understand why Golden State didn’t do it.
    Demps got talent back. There’s no doubt about that. But the Hornets aren’t on their way to becoming a real contender. They’re just going to be a decent basketball team with nobody on the roster that makes you really want to turn them on.

  40. For all you non-basketball people saying the deal is bad, you don’t know basketball obviously….Demps hit a home run on this trade!

    Gave up 1 player for 2 starters (one that will be phenomenal and fun to watch…Martin), plus a 6th man of the year candidate that will entice the casual fans to come to games, plus a solid back up PG with potential, plus an extra 1st round draft pick in a loaded 2012 draft. On top of that we still have about $10 mill before we hit the luxury tax line.

    Way to go Dell, can’t wait for opening night.

    • My bad for “not knowing basketball obviously”. I think we’re allowed to have our different opinions on the trade. I believe that when we got rid of CP3 we should have bottomed out and rebuilt with young players, not with role players on large contracts.

      We have different opinions but that doesn’t mean I don’t know basketball…

  41. Some of you are not season ticket fans you speaking for minority of fans who think this deal is horriable but in reality did you really think the Clippers was going to give us a lottery 1st rd pick,Gordon and Belsole or the Warriors giving us Ellis or Curry you’ve to crazy. Demps had to deal with stubborn Gm’s in trying to get a trade through if some of you would get you head out of your azz and get use to the new NBA or CBA really.You want this team to get Kobe or Amare which we know that was not going to happen.It’s not Demps fault it’s the NBA new CBA fault no hard cap a good reason we was not going to keep Paul long term.

  42. you guys are whining more than a bunch of 2nd graders. I CAN’T believe that most of you are really complaining about this deal. we were able to land 4 Quality basketball players and 2 draft picks for a guy that DIDN’T want to be a part of our city. I am even more excited about the beginning of the season then I was yesterday at this time. we got 2 proven scorers in Martin and Scola and a promising young PG in Dragic. With the tutelage of Monty there is NO telling how good of a player he can continue to grow into. I would have traded Paul for the Peanut vendor in L.A.. Yes he is an unbelievable talent, but we must face the fact that he WASN’T committed to this team or our City and that alone didn’t sit too well with me. I am definitely expecting more movs to be made by the front office to help clear more space but as it stands right now I will stand and give Mr. Demps an applause. It is easy for people to get on here and say “aww we should have gotten more and this this is a horrible deal”. but his job was made incredibly difficult from the moment he took the job and Chris Paul didn’t help matters one bit because of his ability to basically Demand a trade but also Handcuffing the organization by not allowing us to go in several other directions because of his reluctance to want to commit to some other franchises. ie. GS and Clippers. Now we don’t have to be the center of attention, in a negative way, in the NBA community. Now it is up to the Lakers to hope and Pray that CP3’s knee stays healthy enough night end night out. We have Finally gotten rid of a player that WASN’T winning us a championship and NOW we can turn the page and look forward to a promising future….. Geaux Hornets… I’M INNNNnnnn!!!!!!!

  43. Dude, if Okafor’s contract got shipped out as well. We win.

    Also, how pissed you think the Angels are right now? Albert who? Backburner.

  44. Wow…I been a far away Hornet fan for the past 3 years, watched every single game since then. Bought the NBA leagues pass every year just to watch the Hornets. The thought of no CP3, is depressing, it will be sad to see him go. I guess in the end I ended up being more a CP3 fan than a Hornet fan. Best of luck to you guys and gals!

  45. What’s going on?

    ESPNSteinLine Marc Stein
    ESPN CP3 trade latest: Trade with Lakers will NOT go through Friday and Chris Paul is expected in Hornets camp, according to sources
    6 minutes ago

    ESPNSteinLine Marc Stein
    It was not immediately clear, sources said, if three-way trade involving Hornets, Lakers and Rockets is merely snagged or in jeopardy
    3 minutes ago

    Apparently the owners, who still haven’t ratified the CBA mind you, are trying to block the Paul to LA. Not sure, but they may be saying no CBA deal if they don’t veto this trade!

  47. WTF!!!!!!!!!!! they are trying to screw us with the whole CBA Crap because we got a good deal now this is the biggest BULLSH*T IN THE NBA IF THIS TRADE DOESNT GO THROUGH DAVID STERN IS GETTING SUED!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I dont understand that When Lebron Chris Bosh and Wade got together they didnt try to stop it…….Man this is so biased we might as well boycott

  48. “Sources said that a group of NBA owners, assembled in New York for the ratification of the league’s new labor pact with the players, protested vigorously that the league-owned Hornets were trading Paul to the star-studded Lakers and convinced NBA commissioner David Stern to intervene.

    “The deal is off,” one source told”

    Even though I’m not/wasn’t a big fan of the deal if you look at what DEN got for Melo last year Dell really got a great deal. Though they’re different positions, Paul and Anthony are arguably both Top 10-15 talent. So they’re comparable.

    DEN got: W. Chandler, Felton, Gallo, Mosgov, 1st round, 2 2nd round
    NO (would have got): Martin, Scola, Odom, Dragic & 1 or 2 1st rounders

    If you put that into perspective Dell REALLY did a great job of maximizing the talent he received in the deal

    • No all the players Denver got back where young and had upside and on cheap contracts. Please reason this deal before reacting to it.

  49. now we offer paul another contract extension or do the three way trade that was previously discussed with celtics and pacers

  50. What a horrible deal!! Yea it’s good if our goal is to maximize our wins next year, but we’ll be anywhere from the 7-10 seed out west which means we aren’t championship material, yet we aren’t getting great talent from the draft. This has no sense of future. Wouldn’t it be better to stack picks, bottom out, and take our shots at a few starts in the draft? I don’t get it..

  51. I was coming here to cry on someone’s shoulder about this terrible deal lmao….but after reading all the comments and the most recent ones….it seems theres more time to get something MUCH BETTER

  52. ESPN’s Chris Brousard says that the Hornets negociated a great deal getting “3 near Allstars: Odom, Martin, and Scola”!!!!

  53. Mark Cuban! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I don’t like rollercoaster emotions. This is making me tired. Really tired.

  54. i saw adrian wojnarowski text something about the hornets telling two other teams that we had a laker’s deal. the way i see it, dell demps already knew the league would have a problem with it, so he was just posturing to scare the living hell out of some other teams who now are offering more for paul (i.e. warriors). and if the trade does go through, we still have a solid team. demps is a genius.

  55. This is beyond unacceptable. Did they just kill basketball in New Orleans? How could they possibly do this to us?

  56. Man lets not bash or throw or team under the bus let’s support em and hope for a playoff spot. Like Al Davis “Just Win Baby”

  57. My frustration is reaching a new high , my optimism a new low. Unfair plain and simple. Godamn nba gustapo.

  58. I think people need to calm down. Really. Just because a trade won’t go down tonight doesn’t mean it won’t go down at all. Lord.

  59. AHHHHHHHHHHH! This sucks for real!

    The Hornets are screwed now. Demps thought he had a team, now at the last hour he finds out he still only has 5 players (1 a disgruntled superstar that wants out). How does he go from here? Leftovers!

    One word……CONTRACTION!

  60. I still don’t understand why everyone is so angry at this deal.

    1) The Lakers GUT their team to get Paul.

    2) I’m not so sure the Lakers will get Howard. I would take Brook Lopez+Marshon Brooks+1st Rounder over Bynum+Draft Picks. No-brainer for me.

    3) We get two players who are almost all-star worthy, but aren’t quite there, a sixth man of the year, a first round draft pick, and a quality backup PG.

    4) I can already see us signing Glen Davis if this deal goes through… If we had enough salary space that is. I haven’t checked this yet, I could be wrong.

    5) We trade our pick+Knicks pick to grab someone like Austin Rivers and we’re in business!

    • Louis Scola and Kevin Martin are too of the most over-rated players in the league. Kevin Martin is a one dimensional scroe who will score 24 points a game and give up 24 a game. Loius Scola is a feisty under-sized power forward that can score a little is an average rebounder and a mediocre defender. If they were so good why was Houston so mediocre especially with Kyle Lowery playing so well?

  61. This makes no sense? Kill the trade because we take on salary? Are we not allowed to sign free agents either? Our guys are gonna be beat. Better not get hurt.

      • People need to stop saying this. Just because the deal didn’t go down tonight doesn’t mean it won’t ever go down. Even if they have to wait til trade deadline, they’ll get something. Why are people acting like it’s tonight or never?

  62. It make great sense why deal with Scola age and horriable contract which is worst than Okafors i’m glad the trade failed.The NBA is doing us a favor they kinda want us to keep Paul don’t you think

      • Louis Scola is not worth the money he is getting paid. I’m not saying its egregious but he is over-paid and oldish for a NBA player. Thats the type of player you want to add to the Hornets?

  63. I don’t understand if the league didn’t want for the Hornets to trade Paul then why did they take the reins off of Demps?

  64. Cuban got together with the other owners to have Stern kill the deal. But wasn’t Cuban trying to get Paul as well?

  65. Thank you NBA! Anything that prevents the Lakers from getting better is good in my eyes. Not to mention this deal sucked for the Hornets anyways. Give me Gordon, Aminu, and that minny pick or curry and let’s be on our way to rebuilding for a championship.

  66. So let’s get this straight.

    1. The owners, rather than making a better offer for Paul, whine to Stern so much he kills a deal (which is universally regarded as a good deal for thr Hornets) because Paul winds up in LA.

    2. The owners, who didn’t negociate playing field leveling terms with the players OR each other, killed this deal because they (now) worry about LA being too good.

    Where is Lewis Carroll wen we need him? We have gone ‘through the looking glass’.

  67. I’ve a 3 way trade with the Hornets Rockets and Warriors

    The Hornets get Curry,Udoh and Biedrins from the Warriors and Scola,Dragic and Budinger of the Rockets

    The Rockets get Okafor & Jack

    The Warriors get CP3

    Just a thought

  68. Why do people keep pointing out how much the Lakers gave up? That doesn’t mean it was a good deal for the Hornets when you consider the best player in the deal after Paul by a mile is going to Houston.

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