Chris Paul Will Be Dealt Shortly

Published: December 7, 2011

Chris Paul will likely be traded to the Golden State Warriors within the next few days according to sources familiar with the Hornets internal decision making. Wonder why I say that? Among other reasons (Mr. Sources #4 told me), the team has supposedly been preparing biographies for players who would not be inbound if Paul weren’t on the trading block as well as drafts of press releases in case certain trades take place. Why do that if you aren’t preparing  for a blockbuster trade?

The most likely team to acquire CP3, the Warriors, will reportedly offer Stephen Curry, Ekpe Udoh, and Klay Thompson as primary pieces of a deal regardless of whether or not their ownership is guaranteed that Chris Paul will re-sign. As Michael said, the Hornets are and should be very high on Curry.

That’s a big and bold move, especially considering CP3 hasn’t given any public concrete statement about playing out his career in the Bay Area. He also hasn’t publicly met with ownership there. That said, presuming the Warriors acquire Paul before the 1st  of January, they will be the only team able to offer him a max deal heading into his next contract. Considering his past knee injury, smart money says they get him and keep him long term, especially if they amnesty Biedrins and then sign Tyson Chandler as they would be expected to do. Keep in mind that their owners are rich, even in relation to their peers.

Next up on the list, which would likely be the primary trade destination if CP3 convinces the Warriors there is NO F-ing WAY he would sign with them, is the Los Angeles Clippers, who will supposedly offer a package of Eric Bledsoe, Aminu, the 2012 Minnesota unprotected first round pick, the expiring contract of Chris Kaman, and some package that either includes DeAdre Jordan and/or Eric Gordon and/or future draft picks. Presumably as part of any deal with the Clippers, the Hornets could acquire a number of future first or second round picks in exchange for either Emeka Okafor, Trevor Ariza, or both. A third team would and should be involved if the Hornets are going to maximize their gain from trading a superstar such as Paul while removing quality veterans/long term financial obligations such as Ariza and Okafor from their lineup.

In third, and last according to most sources, is the Boston Celtics who are supposedly quite desperate to replace their jump shot-less point guard, Rajon Rondo, with someone of Chris Paul’s caliber (that’s only one person). Dell Demps, just like me, doesn’t want Rondo as the centerpiece for rebuilding, so if this goes down you should expect a third team to be involved in a major way. Sorry Rondo, but you haven’t been the kindest person to fans of New Orleans over the years. I tell it like it is.

If you’re waiting to hear about the Knicks, hold your breath.

Keep holding.

Ok, fine. Let it out. I don’t like NY fans (I’m from NY, so that’s my right), but not enough to make them turn blue and pass out in hope of landing Chris Paul. You’re not getting him this year or next. There’s this thing called currency, and believe it or not, it’s a driving force behind where professional athletes decide to play ball.

As for Lakers fans, the Hornets don’t want the rejects from a team that barely even beat them last year. If they were that good, you wouldn’t be offering them up. Sorry, Lakers. I know that you want Paul and Howard (who doesn’t?), but that means nothing in terms of where Paul will actually go.

The Hornets also don’t want the garbage that Orlando has offered them. Oh, you will give us all of the players you signed last year for too much money? Thanks, but no thanks.

Confused as to what is happening? Read the first sentence. It’s all there.

P.S. If I’m wrong, feel free to mock me in four days.

Update- ESPN has a bit of a different take on what’s happening. Let’s see who winds up being more right.


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