Night of the Living Deadline

Published: November 10, 2011

After meeting for 12 hours on deadline day, the small groups representing the NBA and NBPA could not agree to the framework for a collective bargaining agreement. Stern said nothing was worked out and that there are many issues other than the five points believed to be the most important.

Silver indicated the system and economics are independent.

Fisher and Hunter echoed Stern’s characterization: there was no major progress, but they will continue to talk. Their position remains that economic concessions by the players should be match by system concessions by the owners, contrary to Silver’s stated position.

The two sides have agreed to meet at noon (EST) on Thursday and pick up from where they left off tonight. The 50% deal will remain on the table until this bargaining session ends, whether that be Thursday, Friday, etc. The parties are expected to remain constant.

The players have reportedly gathered enough votes to disclaim interest, a quicker procedure than decertifying. It involves the NBPA giving up its role to bargain for the players, immediately exposing the NBA to anti-trust litigation. This could be done in short order if negotiations break off.

The owners may discuss these proceedings prior to the resumption of the negotiations. Depending on the state of the owners, this could have any effect or no effect.


  1. Joe Gerrity

    November 10, 2011 at 1:04 am

    It looks like it’s going to come down to one side giving in on one stupid thing, like how often a 2.5 mil MLE is allowed to be given, and if one side gives then it will end.

    Very odd negotiations, and I did real estate in New Orleans.

  2. paul

    November 10, 2011 at 7:16 am

    .this is all technicality crap that will never, NEVER pass the light of day in long term court.
    In reality…there WAS a union. It could not come to an agreement IT wanted best. It had in the past, this time not even close. The union itself dissolved and made it so there was no union or employee opportunity for bargaining…NOT the owners!
    Can it get any more stupid than this????
    To dissolve and then point a losing cry baby finger and think anybody is going to shed a tear is stupid.
    Really stupid.
    Have I said this is stupid yet?
    Especially when presses to ask IF the majority of union members wanted an agreement OR were given the opportunity to vote on any part of an offer but were refused that opportunity by a handful of more powerful players….it would be laughed out of court.
    Look…you lost this negotiation!
    Get the hell over it and try to become better equipped to the future one.

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