Add Derrick Rose the List of Scrubs that Chris Paul PWNS

Published: October 17, 2011

With the official word that Derrick Rose is the NBA’s eighth best player, we can officially bask in the glory of the official Point God, Chris Paul.

It is not without debate, though. John Hollinger disagrees with us putting CP3 ahead of Rose. He points to a few simple means of analyzing the players’ differences.

  • Paul only had a slightly better PER this year
  • Paul is better in clutch situations
  • Paul’s assists, while better, are padded at home (I must ask, then, why his home/away assist disparity isn’t noticeably larger than that of other point guards?)
  • Paul got worse as the season wore on
  • Rose got better.

He goes on to say that “Obviously, the differences between these players are microscopic enough that reasonable people can disagree (and apparently do) about which one is better. Nonetheless, if I could have had two extra decimal points for my ratings I’d have given Rose a 9.03 and Paul a 9.01. It’s close, but as of this month Rose is a little better.”

Rose is a great player already and he may very well be a little bit better than Paul when it’s all said and done, but as of now I must disagree with Hollinger and side with the collective might of the 91 basketball writers that ESPN asked.


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