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Published: October 5, 2011

Just a friendly reminder that Saints247, Hornets247’s sister site dedicated to the New Orleans Saints, is up and running. Although there isn’t much going on between the NBA Owners and the Players Association, the NFL long ago reached a compromise and has since become referred to regularly as one entity again.

If you like the way that Hornets247 presents itself, you’ll be happy with the layout of Saints247 as well. It’s based on the same Niall Doherty design that you see here, and it features Darius Ejkiewicz designed backgrounds. Check it out if you’re looking for a Saints blog to fill the gaps in your football knowledge.

Speaking of Niall (the Irish creator of Hornets247), he has a personal development blog up that you had better go and look at. I mean that. If you’re reading this right now, it’s because of Niall. That’s straight up truth right there. Go and read his stuff. Think about it. Be entertained. Learn. Mock him. Whatever. Just check it out and help support someone who gave us Hornets247.

It’s called Disrupting the Rabblement, and the following is at least somewhat representative of the kind of stuff you’re going to see on the blog.

Today is the day.

While most of you are reading this, I’ll be on my way to Dublin, where I’m scheduled to take a ferry to England this eve. It’s the official start of my round the world trip without flying, a trip that’s likely to take a few years and change me greatly.

I’m pretty calm considering. I thought I’d be extremely anxious right about now, but I’m doing fine. Methinks I’ve gotten used to taking big leaps.

There was the leap back in 2004 when my uber-shy self moved solo to the United States without knowing a soul. There was the leap back in 2007 when I moved to New Orleans to follow my favorite basketball team. Last year I took another big leap by leaving my 9-to-5 in NOLA and moving back to Ireland to get started with this self-employed vagabond lifestyle dealio. More recently, I took a leap to go live in Spain, and then lots of little leaps to return home.

Here are a few things I’ve learned from all that leaping, lessons that are helping me not freak out right now…

  1. Taking the leap isn’t as scary as your lizard brain will have you believe. It will always be terrifying until you do it, and then it quickly becomes your new normal.
  2. Things generally work out okay, even when bad shit happens.
  3. You can have everything that you want, but you can’t have it all at the same time.
  4. Persistence and experimentation will take you wherever you want to go.
  5. You can’t run away from your own bad habits. Hard work and self-discipline will always be required to fix those. Fix them early on and you save yourself a lot of frustration and self-loathing.
  6. You can’t be happy in the future. You can’t be happy in the past. If you can’t be happy in the moment, you never will be.
  7. Security is not about having things. It’s about being able to handle things. (Thanks, Jacob.)
  8. It’s much easier to land on your feet if you surround yourself with good people who get what you’re trying to do (even better if they’re doing similar themselves).
  9. You can find such people online. They’re just as real as the dude next door.
  10. Set yourself deadlines. Announce them publicly.
  11. “We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret and disappointment.” – Jim Rohn (via CG)
  12. Always be proactive. Boredom is for lazy people.
  13. Playing it safe is the riskiest thing you can do.
  14. What works for someone else may not work for you, and vice versa. You’ll only know for sure by giving it a shot.
  15. No ask, no get. You might have to change how you ask and who you ask, but you must keep asking.
  16. Feel lucky.
  17. Share as much value as you can. Not only does it feel good in itself, but it usually comes back to you in unexpected ways.
  18. Define what success means to you. Recognize and enjoy it once you get there.
  19. Don’t take yourself too seriously. At the end of the day, we’re all a bunch of monkeys ;-)

Best of luck, Niall. May the world be your oyster and your life be the pearl.

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