CP3 on Marcus Thornton

I was re-watching the Kings-Hornets game from March last night to get my CP3, Thornton and West fix, and heard this gem that made me laugh out loud.

“Yo!  C’mon!  You know he’s goin’ one on one every time!  You know he ain’t passin!  Get back and help get in front of him! Every time!”

– Chris Paul to a slow-getting back Carl Landry after Thornton drove in transition and got fouled.

Thought I’d share.

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  1. I remember that vividly from the inet stream on the night of the game. I remember literally laughing out loud and instantly knowing that CP3 had little respect for Marcus’ game. It also made me sad as I knew Marcus could never play with CP3 without growing in a way he may not want to because of this.

  2. One comment about a particular fast break doesn’t necessarily indicate CP’s entire opinion on Marcus’ game. No doubt CP realized Buckets had lots of talent and more potential than any other 2 guard who’s been his teammate.

    • “One comment about a particular fast break doesn’t necessarily indicate CP’s entire opinion on Marcus’ game.”

      This, sir, I agree with.

    • I think that CP3 does know that Marcus has great talent but he also thinks that he is one dimensional. I truly think CP3 was behind more of the Marcus benchings than was Monty’s desire to keep him off the court. You could see the glares CP3 would throw the benches way anytime Marcus would jack up a 3 with lots of time left on the shot clock when CP3 felt like they didn’t run the play. You could see them when he would drive and not kick the ball out when CP3 deemed it the wrong move. CP3 was more demonstrative in his motions as to where Marcus should be than he showed towards any other guy on the court, in my opinion.

      I think he can respect his ability to score, but also not like the way he plays the game and thus not respect his overall game. There were plenty of times that Chris complimented Marcus’ play, but there were far more glares at the bench that seemed to immediately proceed Marcus getting pulled within a couple of plays last year.

      • I remember CP3 looked happy to have Marcus as his back court mate when Marcus got his first start in that game against Portland.

      • I am not saying he never was happy with him last season. Believe me when I say, I am one of the biggest Marcus fans in the world. I was pissed when we grabbed Collison because I never imagined the Hornets would trade for Marcus. I thought he deserved to be a top 15 pick in that draft, but believed people just didn’t get it.

        So when he didn’t play last year, I began to look for what was the trigger for him being pulled. Because all I wanted was for there to be improvement so he didn’t end up getting moved as our only real valuable trade asset that seemed to be on the outside of the inner-circle. The thing I began to see more often than not when CP3 and Marcus was on the court together was CP3 coming to Monty after blown plays jawwing in an, “I F’n TOLD YOU this shit would keep happening” manner. It was something I pointed out every time I saw it last year to my Fiancee as we watched the games, to the point where she would say, “There goes Buckets back to the bench” because she was able to see exactly what I am talking about.

        The second you saw him glare at the bench, you knew Marcus was heading back there. In the end it is just my opinion, but I am convinced through observation that CP3 and Marcus didn’t jive for CP3.

        The above quote just shows that CP3 believed he knows all there is to know about Marcus’ game. And in any game, if you can say “I know every move you will make” it shows a lack of respect for the opponents ability to compete against you.

  3. I was watching the game against the Suns which was the game the Hornets played after West got hurt against the Jazz and remembered CP telling Gray “shoot it big fella!” LOL!! Gray got a pass right underneath the rim and instead of putting it up, Gray passed to another Hornet in the corner. It was funny. Gil and Bob replayed it and upped the volume so we could hear.

  4. TrueHoop brought me to this page with this link title….

    “Chris Paul’s insight into how to guard Marcus Thornton, and how ball hogging makes you easy to stop.”

    If one is known as a ball hog, (not saying that this is Marcus) then I guess it would make it easier to guard because you know this guy isn’t going to pass the ball. If a player is a ball hog, he will try to keep the ball and end up being guarded into taking a bad shot or turning the ball over and losing a possession. No one should want to be known as ‘easy to guard’.

  5. I don’t actually read any real criticism into what Paul said there. It was a reflection of reality. Once Marcus is attacking, he’s not passing. He simply isn’t. Get in front of him.

    Considering his finishing ability, that’s neither a good nor bad thing.

    So, no, I don’t really agree with Henry Abbott’s characterization. 🙂

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