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Your 2011 New Orleans Hornets Draft Day Post

Published: June 23, 2011

The 2011 NBA draft has finally arrived, and with it the Hornets will in all likelihood add a new member to the team. With only five players under guaranteed contracts for next year, the Hornets won’t be using the 45th pick to go after a specific need. Best available should always be a GM’s modus operandi so late in the draft, and if last year told us anything it’s that Dell Demps knows what he’s doing.

Accurately predict who the Hornets will select at #45 (before pick #1), and win a free Hornets247 t-shirt!

The Hornets also are unlikely to trade up for an earlier pick. For one, the draft is considered by the majority of experts to be relatively weak, while the price for a draft pick has remained high. Secondly, Dell Demps has said quite literally that the Hornets don’t expect to move up–

“There are some things on the board (that would entice us to seriously consider moving up) but the price is pretty high so I don’t anticipate us jumping into the first. Who knows? Anything can happen. We’ve identified some guys we’d like in the first round, but I don’t anticipate that happening. Something could change in the next 24 hours, but I don’t anticipate it.”

So in all likelihood the Hornets will make one and only one pick in the draft today, and that pick will be at number 45. Let’s start by taking a look at the past selections at that spot. (Thanks, J)–

1986:Keith Smith (G) Loyola Marymount University Bucks
1987:Brad Lohaus (C) Iowa Celtics
1988:Tom Garrick (G) Rhode Island Clippers
1989:Scott Haffner (G) Evansville Heat
1990:Antonio Davis (F) Texas El-Paso Pacers
1991:Bobby Phills (G) Southern University LA Bucks
1992:Matt Geiger (C) Georgia Tech Heat
1993:Byron Russell (G) Cal Long Beach Jazz
1994:DeWayne Moton (F) Louisville Warriors
1995:Troy Brown (F) Providence Hawks
1996:Joe Vogel (G) Colorado Sonics
1997:God Shammgod (G) Providence College Wizards
1998:Toby Baliey (G) UCLA Lakers
1999:Ryan Robertson (G) Kansas Kings
2000:Jabari Smith (F) LSU Kings
2001:Loren Woods (C) Arizona T-Wolves
2002:Matt Barnes (F) UCLA Grizzlies
2003:Matt Bonner (F) Florida Bulls
2004:Beranard Robinson (G-F) Michigan Bobcats
2005:Louis Williams (G) 76ers
2006:Alexander Johnson (F) Florida St. Pacers
2007:Jared Jordan (F) Marist Clippers
2008:Goran Dragic (G) Spurs
2009:Nick Calathes (F) Florida T-Wolves
2010:Paulo Prestes T-Wolves

While there are certainly some good names on that list, it’s important that we set our expectations at an appropriate level. Ryan’s yearly post on the draft informs us that even though the 45th pick is one of the luckiest in the second round, yielding a “fringe starter/6th man sort (J.R. Smith)” or better 30 percent of the time, there’s only a 13% chance historically of getting a player of that caliber between the 38th and 60th pick.

Realistically this draft is a huge score if the Hornets can get someone who will be a solid 7th or 8th man a few years down the line. That might sound boring and pessimistic to some, but again, that is the reality of this year’s draft.

Hoping for more coverage already? Sorry, but the day is young, and the pick is late. If you’re looking for something to keep busy with, re-read Michael’s epic five part series on the Hornets’ positional needs and possibilities– PG, SG, SF, PF, C

You could check out 42’s posts on a potential re-brand of the Hornets

There’s always the hours of witty banter between Michael and Ryan, too. They barely even talk about the draft, though.*

*not intended to be a factual statement

Or if you’re feeling really frisky, you could also check out an interesting thread over at Hornets Report about some craziness involving some weird dude you might know. On a serious note, this is going to mean big things for us here at Hornets247, but we’ll talk about all of that after the draft is finished.

And of course, we’ve had some awesome New Orleans Hornets Journals as of late. Hordan gave us a great profile of Wilson Chandler, and CBee3 wrote what can be described as an epic post about… well… everything.

If you can read all that before the draft, then you’re the big winner. I’ll be at the Hornets draft day party with our new intern/photographer/videographer (see, I told you it’s important to read everything), and I’ll be sure to give you all as many updates as I possibly can throughout the evening.

From the Draft event at the Hornets Headquarters-

First off, Stephen Jackson has been traded to the Bucks in a deal that also nets them Shaun Livingston, Beno Udrih and the 19th pick. Charlotte obtained the number seven pick and Corey Maggette. The Kings win up with John Salmons and the number 10 pick.

David West’s agent told the Times-Picayune that “We’ve talked about it, and I think he’s going to wait until about a week before that to see where his knee is and how it feels and make an educated decision about where to go from there.”

On ESPN Insider the Hornets have tabbed as a possible suitor for Josh Smith, who reportedly is being re-evaluated by Atlanta.

There are about a dozen writers here, as well as Monty Williams, Dell Demps, TV analyst Bob Licht, and a number of other hornets personnel.

Some pre-draft notes:

  • The Hornets don’t have a fist round selection for the first time since 2002, thanks to the Jarred Bayless trade that resulted in Jarrett Jack.
  • The Hornets have never picked 45th before.

WHERE THE HORNETS WENT: The Hornets’ 2010-2011 final roster consisted of players who were taken after the 40th slot… the following is a rundown of the draft positions of the Hornets that were on the team’s final regular season roster.

Player                                    Year                                    Round                                    Team

David Anderson                  2002                                    Second                                 Atlanta

Trevor Ariza                        2004                                    Second                              New York

Marco Belinelli                   2007                                    First                             Golden State

Patrick Ewing Jr.                2009                                    Undrafted

Aaron Gray                          2007                                    Second                                   Chicago      Willie Green                        2003                                    Second                                     Seattle       DJ Mbenga                        2004                                    Undrafted                                                     Jarrett Jack                       2005                                    First                            Portland                 Carl Landry                       2007                                    Second                        Seattle                     Emeka Okafor                 2004                                     First                          Charlotte                   Chris Paul                        2005                                    First                     New Orleans                   Quincy Pondexter          2010                                    First                                    Okc                     Jason Smith                   2007                                    First                                    Miami                  David West                   2003                                    First                          New Orleans

Live Blog From the Draft (frequent updates)

6:33- The ESPN commercial where the guy takes a dive is absolutely hilarious, and not just because I’m a brown nose.

6:34- Lots of laughs at David Stern’s opening. I almost feel like he’s kidding. This is literally painful. That’s our owner, folks!

6:39- Pick 1- Cleveland takes Kyrie Irving. Why did that take them 4 minutes? They had months to think about it.

6:44- Pick 2- Minnesota takes Derrick Williams. I love how ESPN sort of tried to make it seem like they could draft someone else, but really there was almost no chance of that.

6:50- Pick 3- Utah Takes Enes Kanter. This guy is going to be a player, mark my words.

6:57- Pick 4- Cleveland takes Tristan Thompson. What??? There goes most mock drafts in the world.

7:02- Pick 5- Toronto takes Jonas Valanciunas. Toronto took a foreign player. Who saw that coming?

7:08 -Pick 6- Wizards take Jan Vesely – Nice pick, but what’s happening to Brandon Knight??? Kings could have had him at 7. That trade looks much worse for them now. And what’s up with the slam dunk references? Seriously, who cares about that?

7:13 – Pick 7 – Sacramento takes Bismack Biyombo. In case you didn’t hear, he can’t score.

7:19- Pick 8- Detroit takes Brandon Knight. He said he was ecstatic, but I don’t buy. Guy looked like someone just dropped a piano on his dog.

7:24 – Pick 9- Charlotte takes Kemba Walker

7:29 – Pick 10- Sacramento takes Jimmer (no last name needed). I’m sure Marcus is thrilled about this…

7:34- Pick 11- Golden State takes  Klay Thompson

7:39- Pick 12- Utah takes Alec Burks.

7:47- Pick 13- Phoenix picks Markieff Morris. Poor Marcus Morris The guy looks like he’s going to cry because his brother beat him in the draft.

7:55- Pick 14- Houston takes Marcus Morris. Good thing, because I think he was going to go nuts if he didn’t get picked soon.

8:00- Pick 15- Indiana takes Kawhi Leonard. About time this guy got picked. He was expected to go 9th on Chad Ford’s final mock draft. Leonard was then traded to the Spurs for George Hill.

8:07- Pick 16- Philadelphia takes Nikola Vucevic- I know nothing about this guy, but he looks really, really serious.

8:12- Pick 17- New York Knicks take Iman Shumpert. I guess it was just too hard for them to not talk about Chris Paul while discussing the Knicks. The fans booed less than usual, so I guess they are either happy or unsure of who he is.

8:13- It’s hilarious how they keep throwing these backhanded insults at the would-be rookies. Calling Shumpert a “kid” and saying he needs to be a “man” is an insult, regardless of whether or not you call him a “good kid”.

8:17- Pick 18- Washington takes Chris Singleton. Guy looks 35 already. Last one out of the green room can’t be too fun, but I guess going to the NBA is pretty OK no matter how you get there.

8:23- Pick 19- Milwaukee acquires Tobias Harris.

8:29-Pick 20-Minnesota takes Donatas Motiejunas

8:34-Pick 21-Portland takes Nolan Smith from Duke

8:39-Pick 22-Denver Nuggets- Kenneth Faried.

8:40- Staring in the eyes of GM Dell Demps. He won’t tell who he’s picking at 45, but joked that he had hoped Derrick Williams would fall. It doesn’t appear that Hornets will be trading up.

8:47- Pick 23- Houston takes Nikola Mirotic on behalf of Minnesota. Minnesota then dealt him to Chicago for the 28th pick and the 43rd pick.

8:53- Pick 24- Oklahoma City takes Reggie Jackson

8:58- Pick 25- Boston takes MarShon Brooks, but then trade him to New Jersey for the 27th pick and a future second rounder.

9:03- Pick 26- Dallas takes Jordan Hamilton. Then they trade him to Portland for Rudy Fernandez. Why?!?!?! Why?!!?!?!?!?!?! Granted Jordan shouldn’t have still been around 26 (he was expected to go around 16), it’s still a nice haul for Dallas. The rich get richer.

9:08- Pick 27- New Jersey selects JaJuan Johnson on behalf of Boston.

9:13- Pick 28- Chicago takes Norris Cole on behalf of Minnesota, who then trades his rights to Miami for the 31st overall pick, a future second round pick, and cash considerations.

9:17- Pick 29- San Antonio takes Corey Joseph.

9:22- Pick 30-Chicago Bulls takes Jimmy Butler

Second Round

9:30- Pick 31- Miami drafts Bojan Bogdanovic. Yeah, I’ve never heard of him either.

9:32- Pick 32- Cleveland drafts Justin Harper

9:34- Pick 33- Detroit takes Kyle Singler. Check out this dude’s trick shots.

9:37- Pick 34- Washington selects Shelvin Mack.

9:39- Pick 35- Sacramento takes Tyler Honeycutt

9:41- Pick 36- New Jersey Selects Jordan Williams

9:43- Pick 37- Clippers select Trey Thompkins

9:46- Pick 38- Houston selects Chandler Parsons

9:50- Pick 39- Charlotte selects Jeremy Tyler. Tyler played over in Japan for a while, and his story is pretty interesting. It could one day be a cautionary tale.

9:55- Pick 40- Milwaukee selects John Lewer.

9:57- Pick 41- Los Angeles Lakers select Darius Morris.

10:02- Pick 42- Indiana selects Davis Bertans. Great shooter, and a young guy. He’s going to be a player in a few years I would bet. Think Peja. This pick will head to San Antonio

10:05- Pick 43- Chicago selects Malcolm Lee.

10:07- Pick 44- Golden State Selects Charles Jenkins

And that’s the end. Continue the discussion on the next post, or at Hornets Report


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