In the NO Podcast Episode 33: Breaking out the Red Ink

In part 1 of their Season Review Podcast, Michael and Ryan talk the last two games of the series and then review the players play over the course of the season, discuss their futures with the team, and break out the red ink to give grades to each of them.

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You will enjoy this episode, or we’ll give you an “F”.

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    • They are posted there. I didn’t see this one yet as of a couple hours ago, but it will be…. It will be….

    • It is up on iTunes right now.

      All 34 episodes are up, in fact. That’s nearly 30 hours of podcasts! Marathon this weekend?

  1. Nice reviews.

    About D West: he’s not the greatest, and he may need to go… I just like him. There’s a part of me that would rather see a good team I like than a great team I have less of a connection to. I have to think about that. This may be part of the ‘Thornton thing’, although many folks seethe there because they both like him and saw him as the best untapped resource, whereas West has a prominant role.

    I’d be happy with D West as 3rd banana. West would be, too, I’m guessing.

    • I wonder how many people agree with you on this. Personally, I do.

      Only 1 team is gonna win the title each year, and if you ain’t first, your last. We have a long way to go to get to truly being a title contender, so if the year is going to end sometime in April or May either way, I would prefer to have a bunch of guys I like to root for, who are both good men on and off the court.

      We discuss the future of D West more in part 2 of the podcast, which will be up later this week.

      • Anyone that agrees with me: fear for your sanity.

        About part 2: If part 1 is an indication, I hope there’re 7 parts, all at least 90 minutes. Good stuff.

        The lovefest did start very quickly with respect to the season’s end.

    • I agree!!!!

      Oh, my god…not again 42! This agreeing with you makes me feel I am not alone in this stupid blind religious athletic church!

      Look…I followed Gray to NO. Not because he was a sports god to me. Completely opposite. He was a Good player and might be very good i years to come.
      But he was a kid my kids fell in love with. He was a rare breed in the NBA…a nice guy. NOT the punk Noah who got his time even without earning it. It was a money decision made by the Bulls.
      Well good bye Bulls, welcome NOH!

      Here is a link I want you to see. It is the one where my one kid, now in a masters program for animation/special effects in Orlando, saw and turned to me and said…”Dad…this is a nice guy. A nerd like me”

      Now tell me…you GOTTA like this big kid!

      Ditto for my giving up my season seats BEHIND home plate for the Cubs! They gave away favorite players I liked like Mark Grace due to the finances required to give the drug taking pumped up ass Sosa!
      I couldn’t follow the Sox because their future hall of famer Frank Thomas…why? Because he got upset when the team changed the warm up time so the team could visit with fans before the game and sign autographs.
      He got pissed because it ruined his pregame shower time.
      Well, BIG Frank…you can kiss my ass.

      Look…I will gladly pay to see guys who might not win a championship, but play hard and appreciate the people behind the game…the people who built the game, the fans behind the league even being worth any significance at all.
      I mean, these are GAMES being played…not great advancements to mankind.

      Now mathematicians! Now there is a group that means something to us!
      (Insert smiley face)

      • and before all the Noah worshipers get on my back…he IS a punk.
        He turned on his coach in practice as well as another player.
        He cusses beyond belief with any call against him.
        I get sick of these crying “warriors” at the refs every damned call. Even when looked at on replay, the calls are rediculously correct. But they stand and stare at the ref and give the grim/frown look.
        Is there a grimmace 101 in pro ball? Or even a how to make a “I been Shot!” scream on every shot at the basket?
        I mean, this must be standard stuff!

    • I have said similar things for a while. I love West as a fan, but I do see the practicality issues that come with him as one of our focal points. I know this is probably just a very nice dream, but if West was to pick up his option for next year, we can then keep CP moderately happy. We follow that by trying to team up CP and Dwight in 2012, and move Okafor to what we thought Landry would be backing up the 4/5. Then West of course wants to stay and will give something of a hometown discount to help us fill out the roster. So we would have CP, a body, a body, West, Dwight with Okafor off the bench. I feel like that would be hard to screw up, especially since Dell seems to be a good scout and could adequately fill the open positions. Also, assuming we at least still have Ariza, we would be pretty amazing defensively. I know it involves enormous ifs and any other team could pretty much offer the same thing since everybody will be a free agent, but a guy can dream…

  2. A lot of the post season commentary is pointed towards revampng the wings. And, that’s understandable. How doable is it when considering the financial ramifications, including the unknowns the new CBA will bring, your guess is as good as mine. I beleive one thing is certain, if an addition is made to the team via a wing player, then at least one of the duo of Green or Belinelli are gone.

  3. Great points on Okafor and Gray , if Okafor is anything he is a fundamental purist with a lack of artistry , and I think what you said about Gray is exactly why we all find him so enduring is that he is a good basketball player and a smart basketball player trapped in one of the halftime sumo costumes . I’ve said it a thousand times now Great Hands , Turrrible Feet. , too what you were saying about jack , how would you feel about not re-signing a guy like marco , moving jack to the two and drafting a guy like jacob pullen as a backup and getting a back up 2 via free agency or trade ? just a thought .

    for the record , I love Willie Green . Monty A , Demps A +++

    also real quick Joakim Noah has the heart of a Champion .

  4. You guys shud put part 2 of the 2011-2012 season preview & part 2 of the podcast out at the same time

  5. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO! @ yall talkin about Pops negative PER. LMAO! Yall are funny mannnn!

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