Chris Paul is accepting apologies

I have never experienced an NBA season like this one before. The ups have been way up, and the downs, way down, and that goes for the franchise, front office, the fans, the players, and even our star, CP. I also have to admit that at a few points this season, I was just a few steps from calling him out on the blog as disengaged and disinterested. After the zero-point Memphis game, I was had even put together a rough draft for this blog writing him off. So now, I have to say it:

I’m sorry for doubting you, Chris.

25.5 ppg, 7.1 rbg, 11.5 apg, 2 spg, 3.3 tpg in 41.5 minutes. 57.1% shooting from the field. 50% from three. 10 free throw attempts per game. 35.0 PER.

Oh my.

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  1. HA! i’m not apologizing! because from the very start, i’ve supported him. even through his rough days. SHAME ON YOU RYAN! LOL JK

  2. I definitively said (and wrote an article to the same effect) that CP was not this season’s MVP and questioning whether or not he’d ever be the same player he was at his 2008/2009 best, and for that, I too owe Chris Paul an apology.

  3. I was always with him, since day 1, ups and downs everything and I don’t need to apologize, just to say, keep up the ASTONISHING WORK, PROVE THE “experts” and all the media and all your doubters wrong in this series and I’m not gonna say the word, but KEEP UP WHAT YOU DOING!!!!!!!!

    GO NOLA!!!!!!!!

  4. I think the majority of the issues he’s had this year have been related to the knee. I takes a long time for not only the mobility to return in the joint, but also for the strength to return to the thigh muscle (because it atrophies over the time that the knee can’t be fully used). Physically, he’s still not 100%, as evidenced by his still slightly decreased ability to elevate after contact, but he’s getting close. What has pushed him over the edge during this series, is HE IS REALLY PUMPED. He’s starting to see things coming together after a lot of adversity this year, and just like all of us. . . he’s super excited.

    I knew by half time that we were going to win the game. It drove the Kobe lovers sitting around me crazy, because each time he’d make an amazing play in the second half, I’d just turn to them completely calm and say, “That’s all day. ALL DAY. And you know this.”

  5. i believe i was with him from day 1, i had to sit through alot of criticism from the time he requested the trade till about after the concussion and he started taking over slowly but surly

  6. Wait! Did I read that right? 35.0 PER? Good god, thats Master Yoda-good!

    On a sidenote, I took my cousin to the game last night. Today he got with a couple friends and they went in on a balcony-buster plan. Thats 4 more “in” courtesy of yours truly!

  7. I apologize for questioning his cluth-ness!
    I asked “Hornets, CP3 clutch no more?” and I am glad he answered me very clearly.
    He is the cluth-est when necessary.
    Thank you for the win last night CP3!
    Thank you Hornets for being such a great team!

  8. I’ve never been down on his play, and I’ve never been down on his character, but I’m growing impatient with being patient with him on his future.

    I don’t have the right to demand it, but I have the right to want to knoe and be irritated that I don’t.

  9. Sorry Chris!

    I know who the ONE SINGLE person who definitely 100% does not owe CP3 an apology for even doubting him once, even off camera so to speak.

    QueenBee, commence your bragging now. You earned it.

  10. Perhaps we should downplay his regular season from now on… Maybe he’s just hibernating until it matters.

  11. I apologize too Chris, for I have questioned your status as top point guard in the NBA this year too. And when (not if) you sign your multi-year, multi-million dollar deal with the New Orleans (not Seattle or KC) Hornets within the year I’ll apologize as well for ever questioning your commitment to our great city.

  12. Yea I want to throw my apology in there 2…I remember last month Nikkoewan called me out for sayin How could you depend fully on the way he was playin. Sorry CP!!!

    • that’s okay. Cp3 is the best. always remember that. He is the best not because of his athleticism or anything that can deteriorate over time. He’s the best because of his unmatched basketball IQ(His ability to destroy an opposing team is surreal, much like Jordan’s.) and his similarly unmatched vision(Stockton though does him better) to go along with . Combine those two and you got CP3. so i’m confident that going forward, CP3 will still be a great player regardless of his injury status. There may come a point where he will average 16 and 9, like he had this year. A down year for most superstars, yes. But CP3 is not just ANY superstar. CP3 has the ability to control a game much different from any other superstar. we know it, everybody knows it again.

      OH BTW, Cp3 genuinely loves NOLA. You could feel it in his post game interviews. Awesome. Awesome.

  13. I never doubted CP3’s ability to play. I have been behind him from day one. I knew he was a great player and now he is showing the whole world. However, i have to admit I was starting to question his dedication to new orleans. I thought perhaps towards the end of the season he was getting uninterested with the team and wanted out! For this I sincerely apologize CP3. Noone, including myself, is questioning any part of your game or character now. Truly the best point guard in the nba!!! Even if he does move on one day, we have all been blessed with having such a terrific player and person on our team!

  14. I apologize too … but for what? Calling an apple an apple at the time?

    He’s always been my favorite player to watch … but what we were watching during the regular season was factually a terrible brand of basketball from CP3 at the time.

    I’m excited he’s baaaack though!

    Now when I tell people “He’s a beast!” they too can see it in this series with Lakers.


  15. I greatly admire CP3’s overall NBA performance, and am elated he seems to have found and moved to a new gear for the Hornets-Lakers series. I’m one of the many (and almost all sports reporters) who opined the Lakers would broom the hobbled Hornets, so I am elated CP3 has single-handedly brought the series to 2-2. However, I also opine “apologizing” to CP3 is premature–I’ll be more convinced if CP3 can sustain his incredible performance (played out of his mind in game 4, in which he scored a triple-double before 4th quarter AND led the team in each of those 3 parameters) to win the series with the Lakers and over more than one playoff series. However, if Chris Paul falls back to earth, I won’t fault him in the least, as his knee injury is serious, as it resulted in bone-on-bone and has shortened and/or ended many NBA careers. I only hope CP3 can continue his NBA career for at least 10 more years, but I fear the injury will hobble CP3 and end his career well before he’s 35. With all said, although the logical part of me needs to see CP3 display his current play level over more than one playoff series, the other part is so elated to see him play so well in games 1 and 4 and that his PER is 34.8 for the series (NBA average is 15) to date.

    CP3 is the complete basketball player with stellar performance at both ends of the court. Michael Jordan’s highest NBA playoff PER was 32 for the 1990-1991 season, and reached 31.6 for the 1989-1990 playoffs. During the regular season, Jordan achieved over 30 PER during the regular season four years in a row, 1987-1991 with PERs 31.7, 31.1, 31.2, and 31.6 respectively. CP3 reached 30 once in the regular season, 2008-2009, and ironically had his lowest PER (16.1) in the playoffs the same season. CP3 tallied a PER 30.7 during his 1st playoff appearance 2007-2008; regular season was 28.3. CP3’s other regular seasons 2005-2006, 2006-2007, 2009-2010, and 2010-2011 seemed more journeyman, with PERS 22.0-23.7. Interestingly, his 2010-2011 regular season’s PER was 23.7–CP3 certainly is flying far beyond it so far during the playoffs, which strengthens my suspicion his PER will shortly fall significantly and closer to his playoff average. Hopefully, of course, CP3 will dazzle us for a few more games during these playoffs.

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