New Orleans Hornets Fan Poll

Published: April 14, 2011

Welcome to the first ever Hornets247 Fan Poll. Here’s your chance to tell the world how you feel about the Hornets, now and going forward, and to see how you compare to other avid fans.

All polls are after the jump. Don’t forget about the Hornets Playoff Watch Party, Kempletons post looking at how clutch Chris Paul is, and to finish this sentence- If the Hornets beat the Lakers 4-0, I will…

[polldaddy poll=4918801]

[polldaddy poll=4890583]

[polldaddy poll=4918768]

[polldaddy poll=4918746]

[polldaddy poll=4918738]

[polldaddy poll=4918722]

[polldaddy poll=4918812]

[polldaddy poll=4918817]


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