In the NO Podcast Episode 28: The missing Lollipops and Rainbows

In today’s Podcast, Michael and Ryan talk about last week, the upcoming week, Ryan throws out some fancy advanced stats, and Michel ruminates on life, arriving at the conclusion that he wishes he was as cool as Ryan and also armed with advanced stats.

Really. That’s exactly how it went down. Listen if you don’t believe me!

6 responses to “In the NO Podcast Episode 28: The missing Lollipops and Rainbows”

  1. It sounds like you guys, like myself, are moving on from this season. It’s tough as a fan, but the ups and downs of the season just have us saying, “You know what, let’s try and get them next time.”

    If this team was a little more consistent and actually won games they should win then perhaps there might be some immediate hope, but I don’t think so.

    Like you guys said, a lot to build on, it’s a platform. There is a process to abide by, getting an owner and sorting everything out. I think though if things go our way that the Hornets arrow will be pointed up, not down.

  2. key for houston game:

    1) Destroy their bigs. Both offensivly and defensivly. Without west we have a better match up on the offensive side because they can’t put Hayes on Landry i think. We must win the battle on the boards and in the paint and to do that fouls on Meka are crucial. Ariza must be very active on the defensive board, expecially when ‘Mek goes for the block on their penetrating guards, because we have to deny offensive rebounds against a 6’6 center. If Scola is on Landry, pass landry the ball. If hayes is on Landry we have to find a way to consistenly give ‘Mek the ball when he’s deep inside.

    2) Dribblepenetration. Their D sucks too much to just set for a jumpshot after a screen. Attacking Martin from the dribble it’s very important, he has to play defense. Dribblepenetration should open room for our bigs to get to the basket. Jack can be key there.

    3) This is the last time we play them this year so it’s time to do something new. That’s my thoghts: During the second half try to put CP3 on Martin (Martin isn’t that effective against thoughness), Ariza on Lowry (let’s try to use his lenght) and Jack/Beli on Budinger (pick your poison! Beli defended well against bigger guys this season but i expect Jack to play because of his offense).

    I expect Jason Smith to have a good game against their lack of lenght (his jumpshot hasn’t a very high release) and Jack to be very effective offensivly if given minutes. If CP3 isn’t the one owned @ the pg matchup we’ll win this one.

  3. The point you make about Paul’s dominating the assists is true and explains a lot about why the offense is not dynamic and requires players to make shots under pressure too often. With a more pass-oriented team there would be a lot more open looks, especially beyond the three point line.

    Paul dominates the ball in a way that undercuts the team’s ability to get out and run too. Often he yells for the ball and slows it down after a rebound where the defenders are not yet back. By demanding to bring the ball up himself, the defense has time to retreat. I believe in valuing every possession, but this is absurd and counterproductive.

    Chris needs to stop schooling everybody on the court too, especially Marco. Belinelli has played pro ball longer than you have, Chris. Get out of his face. The constant public insulting has surely combined with Williams’ rotations to sour Marco on the team for next year. One fan even told me the Bees are trying to keep Marco off the court and not scoring too much so that his price tag won’t go too high for next year, if the Hornets try to resign him. I say, it’s time to move on. Marco’s been given a nice opportunity (thanks to Demps, Malone, and Williams), has further established his bona fides as an NBA regular, and it’s time to move on to a team that includes the shooting guard in the offense.

    Check the individual plus/minuses too: Paul, West, Okafor, Belinelli in that order. Bottom two on the team: Green and Jack.

    • “Chris needs to stop schooling everybody on the court too, especially Marco. Belinelli has played pro ball longer than you have, Chris. Get out of his face.”

      No offense but this is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever read. So just because Bellinelli has played more years in Europe + NBA, Chris Paul can’t yell at him? CP3 has played in the NBA longer, has played more minutes, has carried teams into the playoffs, and has played probably 5000 more minutes in the NBA than Marco. I’m gonna go ahead and say he has more experience. Does this apply to other players too? So since Derrick Rose has played fewer years than Keith Bogans, Rose can’t tell him what to do? Isn’t this exactly what we want to see from a leader? Dwight Howard gets murdered for not being more vocal to his teammates (until this year, that is) and it’s always said he’s not a leader on the court.

      I haven’t listened to the podcast yet (will do it after I finish my reading) but there’s a simple reason why the Hornets don’t get good shots: there aren’t a lot of guys who make shots. Belinelli will go 3-5 from 3 one game, then go 2-21 the next 4 games. Ariza can’t hit the side of a barn. Paul looks to get others involved. Sure he monopolizes the ball, but honestly would you rather have other people handling it? He makes the right decision with the ball 99% of the time, so I can’t fault him for wanting it

  4. Like I said several days ago, this season ain’t over yet, this team can do damage in the playoffs without DWest, especially if we get Dallas in the 1st round (they have been playing .500 ball since all star break) and I’m too big of a fan to give up or something like that, but so far this season WAS A SUCCESS, a 6 seed would be GREAT, 8th seed vs San Antonio, I like that one too, but IMO they need this win against the Rockets, my coach (basketball) always tells me in the middle of the game, do not give up in a fight were you are almost beaten and you almost losing the battle, chin and head up, swallow some punches, take some punches to your chin, but don’t give up, keep fighting and I guarantee if you give your best, it will pay off, I guarantee you, that’s what the Hornets should do of the remainder of the season and all of you NOLA fans too, I’m giving my best for sure, some of you are looking differently and too much in the future IMO, cut the crap and cheer for the guys in BLUE and have faith (I know it’s tough, but it can’t be tougher than last season, REMEMBER?) and give me a hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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