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Published: March 31, 2011

Hornets247 community:

It’s a dark hour, if not the darkest.  It’s a rainy day and the river is rising.  We are under the eyes this season, both on the court and off.  There is no need to catalog the trials we are enduring here. No . . . this is a different kind of post . . .

All in all, there is usually very little most people can do to affect such affairs.  We can’t make refs hear the double-slap that screams “goal-tend!”  We can’t alter the flight of the ball on its way to the basket or otherwise. We can’t protect our boys from getting hurt, and we can’t make them sign contracts.

What we can do is buy tickets.

This is easier said than done, of course.  It was hard enough when we just needed to go downtown, get change from a $20, then walk inside.  No, we need to buy season tickets, and the prices just went up.  We can’t just buy tickets and fill the arena willy-nilly anymore; no, no, no, we need to buy big ol’ stacks of them in one fell swoop.

Oy vey . . .


So how many tickets do we need to buy?

We stand at about 6,500 season tickets, and we need to get to 10,000.  Considering the renewal rate, we have about a 5,000 ticket problem.  

Based on that swag, I’m setting a goal: Hornets247 will help generate 1% of this target, 50 new season tickets.


So what’s this going to cost me? And what do I get?

There are plenty of seats in the upper deck of the Arena selling at $580 or $848 for 43 tickets for the upcoming season, less if you purchase enough to take advantage of the balcony buster deal.

Besides these tickets privileges, there are perks, such as lagniappe points which can be used to take part in things like Chalk Talks and a convenient only ticket manager that let’s your print tickets, email tickets, and more, all at no additional charge.  Call (504) 525-4667 for more information.


Can we REALLY do this? If I take part, will my efforts be wasted?

First off: tickets are never a waste.  I do know where you are coming from, however.

Given the low prices in the upper deck, we can consider our part of this to be a $36,000 problem, give or take depending on who wants to sit where. That’s a daunting number, for me at least.   

There’s this old saying about eating an elephant. You do it one bite at a time. Personally, I’d like to add that you may as well not start at the back . . .

Here are some things we can do to solve the problem:

1) I’m already in the mix for 4.  I am going to try to add at least 2 for this season and next by reconstituting my group at work that broke up due to some uncertainty in my industry.  We were at 10 last season, so it’s reasonable.  So there you go, I’m going to try to tackle 2 of the 50.

I am encouraging all you folks to gather together with your friends, family, and coworkers to do the same.  Put together a group of people to go in for a pair.  

Some of you readers may even get together on a pair.  

Hand-in-hand, gathering together in bands (to paraphrase a line from the greatest album of all time), converting scattered individual efforts into a season ticket committment is BY FAR the most effective way to get this thing done. It’s not like 10,000 aren’t going to the games, after all. 

2) I want to encourage some of the fence sitters out there to think seriously about getting some tickets.  There’s nothing wrong with having a mismatch between financial priorities and the desire to see Hornets games, but really think about what you can start doing now to purchase tickets for next season.  


That’s fine and dandy, but let’s talk numbers . . .

At the $848 rate (remember, there are plenty for less!), a pair is $1696 (many people enjoy it more with a game-mate), which is about $32.62/week for the pair. Splitting the cost with your game-mate, this is $16.31/week each. This number will drop if you increase the number of people buying in.  Divide all that by 2 if you can get a group that can take advantage of the Balcony Buster deal.

You sure do yap a lot . . . Are you actually going to do anything?

Settle down, settle down . . . here is what Hornets247 can do to help:

1) We can provide a spot in the forum for people to discuss these matters, to help each other manage their groups, or to come up with ideas to raise the funds for tickets.

 2) We can act as facilitators to help groups form here in the Hornets247 community.

 3) We can keep the readers informed of the benefits of contributing to season ticket sales, the need for such contributions, and the results of your efforts.

 4) We can keep the readers appraised of deals for individual game tickets so their choice to buy into a season ticket group does not limit their game experience.

Did I mention we already went in for 4 tickets? Darn it! That was the title and everything . . . and me with no backspace . . .

Yeah, that’s right: Hornets247 has purchased 4 season tickets.  

We are IN!

These tickets are not for me.  They are not for Ryan, Michael, or Joe either.  They are for you, the Hornets247 community.  These tickets are going to be a part of what we do here.  Not only are they going to be giveaways for contests, they will be part of `spot awards’ for unprovoked acts of awesomeness. They will help us organize Hornets247 nights out in OUR territory.  There is also the small matter of helping to keep the team here.

As an example, who remembers the Hornets Drinking Game journal?  I do.  I know Joe does.  Here‘s your WABAC machine for those who don’t. That unprovoked act of awesomeness earned NolaHog a pair of tickets to a game next week.  (Just post here if you want me to contact you at the email address you used to register.)  If you already have better tickets, you still get the glory.

A round of applause for NolaHog, people . . .


Back to it . . .

This is a new day for us.  This is our time.  We can’t do it alone.  We have to take that first step, as leaders, and hope others follow.  We can’t be afraid to fail even though we may, and for the whole world to see.  We have to be proud and shout it from the rooftops.  We may never get another chance. 

And think what it will be like if we succeed . . . again . . . keeping the party going on through the night . . . a hurricane party for the ages . . . refusing to partake in the smug peacocking we’d be entitled to . . . because we are, after all, gracious . . .

So . . . what do you think?

Who’s IN?


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