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Published: March 15, 2011

As you all surely know by now, we are in the middle of doing our first annual Donation Drive for Hornets247 (just two days left!!), where we accept donations from the fans of the site, with a long term goal of making this site even better for all of you. As Ryan put so elequently in his original post, we want a clean site, free of distractions, so we choose to go this route.

So far the support has been wonderful and we appreciate every hard earned penny that has been donated. Several of you, however, have emailed and commented that you would love to contribute but you just can’t give money at this time. We completely understand this position and we want to give everyone the opportunity to feel like they are a part of helping this site grow. In that vein, here is a list of ways that you can contribute without sacrificing a dime.

1.) If you got the hookup, holla and we’ll hear you

A large portion of our money will be going into video and audio equipment that will be used to capture player interviews, pre-game and post-game sessions with Monty and behind the scenes Hornets footage that will be unlike anything you will see on any other site. We are also looking to purchase a top of the line digital camera so that we can add a large selection of our own photos to give you additional eye candy.

Perhaps one of you works at an electronics store or is looking to sell/donate your equipment for the cause. And not just the big ticket items, but SD cards, camera batteries, external mics, external flash, etc. All of it would be greatly appreciated, and would go a long ways toward taking this site to the next level.

2.) Donate memorabilia, tickets, and Hornets gear

Next year we want to give away between $10,000 and $15,000 worth of items to our avid readers. From small prizes like hats and shirts to big ticket items like regular season and playoff tickets, VIP passes, and autographed memorabilia- we want to be able to give to the fan base that invests so much time an energy into this team and one this site.

The more donations we get from all of you in this rhelm, the more money we can spend on the big ticket items. Got an unused piece of Hornets clothing/memorabilia or an autographed piece that you think some lucky Hornets fan would really appreciate? Send it in. Perhaps you are a season ticket holder who would be willing to donate some tickets. Whatever the case may be, we would appreciate any donations such as these, and would make sure that they end up in the hands of somebody who will appreciate them as well.

3.) Get Behind the mic or in front of the camera

Nowadays every sports team has a song, every radio call-in show has some tune created by listeners, and some have even gone viral with videos. Where is the Hornets247 love? We know that you guys are creative- we see it in your writing. Why not take that and transfer it to another medium? Write a song or make a video with Hornets247 as a backdrop. Go ahead and take shots at Ryan, Joe, and I. Poke fun at some other regulars (as long as it is in good spirits). Whatever. This is your community, so get artistic and tell us about it from your perspective.

4.) You got a mouth, you might as well use it.

Between Ryan, Joe, 42, and I, there are hundreds of articles written every year. From game previews to recaps, statistical pieces to obscure observations, news to critiques; and yet the vast majority of content on this site comes from all of YOU. Imagine if we can just get more posters and journal writers, more hard core Hornets fans willing to share their insight and opinion. Imagine more Queen Bees or Agent Ziko’s to stir things up. More Nikkoewan’s to brighten up our mood when times seem tough. Another poster who can share in Monty’s Doghouses’s pain every time Thornton lights it up on another team.

What would speculation be without James Online? Boring, that is what. Would this site even have sarcasm if not for Hornet Seantonio? No, of course not. There’s just nooooo way it would. You get my point. This site belongs to all of us, and it is our obligation to get people in here that can add to the conversation.

So, you say that money is tight, you don’t have an electronics connection, you can’t sing or rap, and you don’t have any items to throw our way- I say, you still have a chance to make a significant impact to this site. If you go to a game, talk to 20 people about Hornets247.com. If they all happen to be attractive people of your preferred sex, so be it. As long as it is 20. You talk to someone at work about last night’s game, tell them about Hornets247.com. Maybe you want to go the extra mile and create a flyer to hand out at games. Whatever it takes.

Because we are different here at our little underground gathering. The first rule of Hornets247 is to talk about Hornets247.

Thank you again, each and every one of you. Two more days to go.


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