Farewell Marcus Thornton

Published: February 23, 2011

When the Hornets began taking down signs featuring their nearly homegrown star, Marcus Thornton, most of us knew that it was time to start letting go. Sure, we pretended that it was just a coincidence that the Hornets only homegrown player was no longer a part of their marketing to a fan base who regarded him as one of their own, the epitome of what can happen if you work hard and dream big, but on the inside we all know this day would come.

Even as the trade deadline drew closer, and hope appeared alive that Marcus would remain with the team which gave him opportunity to explode onto the scene last year, it was difficult to envision a situation in which Monty Williams and Marcus Thornton would peacefully coexist far the future. It was no secret that the two butted heads, the main cause being a different in emphasis.

Who caused the problem, or who was right and who was wrong, are no longer relevant. It doesn’t matter anymore if Marcus would have performed better had he been starting, or that Jarrett Jack was given an infinitely longer leash than Marcus.

It’s unlikely the player who transformed from Marcus Thornton, to lil’ Buckets, and then into just normal Buckets, will make a return as a free agent. So, for fans in New Orleans, Marcus Thornton’s only full season will be how he is remembered by most.

He exploded onto the scene, scoring 20 points during the first time he played double digits in minutes, starting a streak of 6 straight games in which he finish both categories in double digits. By the end of the season, that was a regular occurrence for Marcus Thornton, who averaged nearly 20 points a game from January until the end of the season.

Even after receiving the 6th most votes for Rookie of the Year, some referred to him as the Rodney Dangerfield of the NBA. Shortly after, I did an interview with Thornton, which might as well be looked at one last time as well.

And don’t forget this-

I asked the people behind “Thornton’s Thunder”, who were all set to shoot a Hornets commercial with their sign today for Fox 8, to write a little goodbye to Marcus. It seems only fitting since they were arguably his largest fans.

We are so grateful for the amazing moments we’ve experienced when Marcus has hit the floor.  You have brought so much PRIDE  and EXCITEMENT to that arena, how could we ever thank you!!  Your heart stayed in it and everyone felt it!  You will be missed far more than you may know, but just remember, we will see you again!  (You know this)…I’ve said it before, KEEP YOUR HEAD UP!  You’ve faced tougher challenges than this, and we believe in what you’re about, so go do your thing!!!! Show these folks (whoever they may be) that you are a greater man because of this… I KNOW YOU ARE!!!  We will see you in SAC…

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Good luck, Marcus. You made what should have been a depressing year into one of my favorites. You will be missed.


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