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Just Passing it Along….

Published: February 17, 2011

Don’t want to cause a stir around here, but I had a very interesting conversation with an Eastern Conference front office person who told me that the Hornets and Cavs are still discussing Antawn, and the current deal being discussed involves several other players, including Trevor Ariza and Jamario Moon. One or more of the Heat’s picks and cash are also on the table, and Cleveland is pushing the currently proposed deal, but Demps has not given a firm NO, or anything close to that.

The belief is that Jamison could provide a much needed scoring punch, but his salary is still too high. Sending Ariza away in the deal helps unload some future salary burden, but the Hornets will want more if this trade is to go through. If it does go through, expect a third team to be involved.

Just acting as a messenger….


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