In the NO Podcast Episode 17: 1-2 and Feeling Groovy

Sporting a brand new intro we hope you like, the Podcast returns and Michael talk about the past week and surprisingly feel pretty good about it.  Then they talk about the upcoming games, and surprisingly feel pretty good about that too.  So we hope you’re feeling pretty good as well.

Let us know what you think about the Intro!  Sorry about the picture.  Sometimes the muse fails and Star Wars must take it’s place.

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12 responses to “In the NO Podcast Episode 17: 1-2 and Feeling Groovy”

  1. Always appropriate, the trilogy is.

    I would think a Zebra keester would have fit nicely . . . or 3 . . . of course NBA refs don’t have stripes . . . Maybe an Emu? Do they have the head in the sand myth thing like their flightless cousins in Australia? I don’t want to startle Michael . . .

  2. The intro has a ‘swamp magic’ feel that contrasts with the chipper tone Of the intro. Ham it up more! You and Michael need a ‘from parts unknown’ kind of introduction to go with that.

  3. Ariza & Okafor should definitely NOT be played before the All-Star break. We’ve got to rely on the bench to pick us up some wins this week. Both Ariza & Okafor’s injuries are ones that can heal completely if given enough rest. If you try and rush them back too quickly, you risk reaggravation and a potential lingering problem that could carry into the playoffs.

    • Agreed. Hornets schedule prior to All- Star break:

      at NJ
      at Orl
      at GS
      at Port

      I will be thrilled with anything better than 3-3 in those six game, but even 3-3 brings us to 35-23 at the break, which is fine. What I fear is going 1-5 and therefore entering the break having lost 7 of 8 games.

      Good news is that first 8 games after break have us playing 6 teams below .500 and the two teams that are above .500 aren’t exactly world beaters (NY and Memphis). The schedule, however, is fairly brutal in the second half of March, but if we are 42-24 or 41-25 going into that stretch, we have the room to lose a few games and still have a shot to finish April strong and lock down home court in round 1.

  4. agree with you Ryan, just emailed Aschburner bout the Race to the MVP and i said crap about him. It was so infuriating. He placed griffin on the MVP list and CP3 was not even in the Honorable Mention or the drop out list..

    • Oh he did did he? So your team doesn’t have to win games anymore to garner MVP consideration according to these guys? Just make the flyest dunk highlights is all you need to do now?

      • I’m glad you did email him nikkoewan. I mean I know people are excited over Blake Griffin but right now All-Star is about is far as anyone should be going with him. MVP? Are you serious? The Clippers haven’t even won more games than they did last year at this point. Oh but Griffin is fun to watch so that’s all that matters I guess. Now the MVP award is turning into a joke too just as much as this league is.

  5. Monty easily only for one reason – He is the only coach who has a chance of keeping CP3 in a Hornets uniform (maybe in the entire league).

  6. Great stuff guys, but why do you keep saying M’Benga? He’s not Irish. The M in his name is silent.

    As for my Bulls, Rose is Top 5 PER for point guards. Ray-J Rondo is not. Tony Parker and Steph Curry are both ahead of him.

    Furthermore, CP3 & West > Rose & Deng as well as CP3 & Emeka > Rose & Boozer/Noah on the sidelines. The reason Rose is an MVP candidate is b/c his ability to lead despite all the injured Bulls. Mind you, they have beat all but one Western conference team.

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