If Peja is signed…

Published: January 20, 2011

Nothing formal here, just some dialogue between all of us here in the Hornets Nation. This is what I want to hear from you- pretend you are dell Demps or Monty. Peja comes to you and says money isn’t an object- all he wants is a clearly defined role and assurances that this team will go after a title THIS year because it might be his last.

1.)  What is the bench rotation? Let’s assume the starters get 175 of the 240 minutes. Where do the other 65 go? How many do I (Peja) get on average? Will I be on the court at the end of games? What is my role?

2.) Do you plan on making any moves to make this a title team WITHOUT effecting question #1? If so, what are they?

These are likely the two things Peja values as his time as an NBA player is coming to an end- he wants to be on a contender and he wants to be a valued part of that team. Is that possible here?

You tell me…


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