A Sneak Peek at the CP3.IV

Published: December 18, 2010

Chris Paul’s new shoe is launching in January, so the Jordan Brand made sure that all the sneaker heads were in New Orleans to check it out ahead of time. Thanks to the TrueHoop Network my name made it on that list so I got to check out the CP3.IV a little bit earlier than most.

PMK*BNC did an awesome job making the experience fun for everyone. Props to them for organizing the whole thing and making it the greatest shoe preview I could imagine. The entertainment included a skills challenge followed by some pickup ball on the court of the Arena, a cocktail party, dinner, a swamp tour and a Hornets game.

Let’s go through Thursday, when I attended the events at the Arena. We met at the W downtown, and then were picked up by a bus to go to an undisclosed location. Being the only one on the bus who resided in New Orleans, I figured out where we were going, but kept it to myself. No need to spoil what was going to be a great surprise.

When we got to the Arena we were taken into the visitor’s locker room and it was completely decked out for us. Look-

They had all the previous versions of the CP3’s on display, and everyone got a pair of the new ones. Then we talked to Chris Paul and the designer of the shoe, Jason Mayden, to get a little more knowledge about it. This is a long video, but it’s worth watching. At one point Chris reveals that he once had his shoes stolen as a kid, and that he once had to buy two pairs of CP3’s in stores. Chris Paul has gone on record before and stated that “my shoe is like playing a video game and having a cheat code”. It really seems like he believes that and isn’t just trying to sell shoes. Sorry the video is in three parts.

(edit- Epic fail on the intro. The name of the designer is Jason Mayden. My apologies.)

Afterward we headed out to the Arena floor for a skills competition and some pick up ball. They put on the music, turned on the PA and the jumbotron (which showed our names and affiliation), and made it into a competitive event. I was just about as nervous as I’ve been to play a sport since high school. It was truly an experience I will remember forever, for better or worse.

I realized during the skills competition that I’ve never passed a ball through a ring before. Nor have I ever stepped on an NBA court. I can’t shoot the ball, but I already knew that. These things would prove to be a problem. Anyway, I took fifth in the first round of the skills competition. Top four advanced, and I missed out by less than a second.

One thing I did notice is that the CP3.IV is an awesome shoe for cutting. Chris talked about that, but I really noticed it when we were out there on the floor. I haven’t really bought a nice pair of basketball shoes in years, but obviously that was a dumb move. There is such a difference between these shoes and the random ones I own that I’m having a hard time dealing with the reality that I didn’t used to have them. I just wish I could re-do the past. They honestly change my game. It’s like going from a Top-Flight xl to a Titleist ProV1x as your golf ball. There is noticeable improvement right away.

What I like the most about them was that my ankle (which has severely limited my sporting recently) felt protected. I never once worried about rolling it while I was on the court, even though I normally wear a small brace when I do anything physical. Rest assured that Chris Paul is in good shoes.

Speaking of Paul, he was by the court and presumably watching. Jarret Jack, too. They probably want me to join their team.

Oh, and I just switched to the dark side and bought a Macbook Pro. Immediately I can now make movies. Crazy easy to figure out. You’re going to start seeing a lot more from me in the coming months/years. These videos that you see here are more than I have ever made in my entire life on a computer.

This is the first one I made, and the only one with added sound. It’s me shooting with that NBA “amazing” music. I know I’m unusual.

The highlight of my day? I wasn’t fortunate enough to catch it on film. I saw some guys taking half court shots and I figured, what the hell, why not? So, I took one and it went in. Obviously I wasn’t going to try again since as of now I’m arguably the greatest half court shooter in the history of New Orleans Arena, making 100% of my shots. Chris Paul and David West can’t touch that. I wanted to quit basketball in general right then and there, and never take a shot again ever, but the notion of a full court game on the actual court was too much to pass up.

After my team lost, we headed back to our respective accommodations to change and shower. After that it was off to dinner at the Eiffel Society. That place is awesome. Live Jazz, very interesting decor, and fantastic bartenders. Those guys make some serious drinks, or so I heard. I stuck with scotch.

So anyway, again I just want to make it clear how great Nike, Jordan Brand, and PMK*BNC are. Those folks know how to make amazing happen.

About the CP3.IV Release

A special limited-edition of the JORDAN CP3.IV launched in select retailers on Monday, December 13, 2010. The JORDAN CP3.IV will launch nationwide on Saturday, January 1, 2011 for a suggested retail price of $118. Additionally, Black-Orion Blue-Varsity Purple and White/Black-Orion Blue colorways will release nationwide in February 2011, with a fourth colorway White/Sunstone-Black releasing in March 2011. Look at them-

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