Introducing The Save Our Hornets Foundation

Published: December 9, 2010

The following is from, the official website of the Save Our Hornets Foundation:

Every empty seat that we see in the Arena is a seat that could be filled with a smiling youngster. Through increased positive exposure to basketball at a young age, these fans will have a higher likelihood of attending games later in life, buying season tickets, playing for, managing, or even owning the Hornets. We seek to enable our youth, and by extension our community, to support the team which so many of us love- The New Orleans Hornets.

The Save Our Hornets Foundation was officially founded as a charitable non-profit on 12/9/2010, just days after the NBA announced it was purchasing the New Orleans Hornets. Although the league claims to be working to keep the team in Louisiana, fans and media alike are right to be skeptical about how dedicated they are to achieving that goal.

There are a number of ways that this could play out, and one of them is with the fans not meeting the attendance requirement, and the team being allowed to opt out of it’s lease after this season. That’s not acceptable to us. We will not go quietly into the night. We will not let go without a fight.

The way this will end is with the New Orleans people doing what needs to be done to beat the attendance minimum. Those numbers on the side of the screen will keep you posted as to how we are doing in relation to how we need to be doing.

About Us

The Save Our Hornets Foundation is a charitable organization focused on keeping professional basketball in New Orleans, and increasing it’s exposure to the local population. It was founded in an effort to convince potential investors and the NBA to make a longstanding commitment to New Orleans.

Save Our Hornets has three main goals:

1. Increase the Hornets local fan base, starting with the youngest of residents.

2. Provide an opportunity to experience professional basketball games for those who otherwise may not be able to.

3. Increase nightly attendance at Hornets games in order to show the NBA, any potential investor, and the rest of the country, that New Orleans is a viable NBA market.

Through your  donation we can purchase tickets and transportation for underprivileged local youths from the New Orleans area, so that they too may experience a Hornets game. This allows us to achieve all of our goals, and consequently will help keep the Hornets in New Orleans.


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