Hornets247 Podcast Episode 6: In the NO?

McNamara and Schwan talk turkey as the Hornets play like turkey over the course of the Thanksgiving week.  They address the defense, Jarrett Jack, CP3’s play, Monty Williams, and McNamara’s bladder-loosening fear of the Thunder.  Wimp.

We also try out a new podcast name, suggested by the excellent hewhorocks.  If you like it, maybe he’s right about that username.  Enjoy!

6 responses to “Hornets247 Podcast Episode 6: In the NO?”

  1. The first time I heard the word elite used to described a NBA team, was when Peter Vecsey was referring to the rising 72-10 Chicago Bulls. Personally, I took that as meaning the Bulls were playing on a much higher level than all the teams in the league. 50+ wins later, that proved to be true.

    Now I don’t think the Hornets are an elite team, but I think they can be. All they have to do is be the best at their position and or be the best at given statistics, like rebounding and field goal percentage. Above all this, Monty must use his undefeated logarithm (that is, assuming he knows what it was) and apply throughout the remainder of the season. That in a nut-shell, is how I think the Hornets can become an “elite” team.

    • CP is to MJ, as a leader, killer and foul magnet.

      Ariza is to Scottie, as a right hand swingman.

      Emeka is to Rodman/Kerr, as a rebounder and high percentage shooter.

      And Monty’s Rip City Offense or whatever, is to Phil’s triangle offense.

      Amidst a perfect storm in which everyone fulfills their role, the Hornets can be an “elite” team IMPO.

  2. I love the name…

    Good point about pace. I wonder what the pace of teams has been against the Hornets compared with their usual.

    The D cost the game on the Spurs. But to hint at all the the Hornets D is a result of a soft schedule doesnt seem to ring true. For every game against the Bucks theres a game against Mavs. for every game against the Blazers theres one against the Spurs.

    The Hornets have only 1 “elite player.” -top 5 at their position. But there are very few teams who have more than one: Miami, OKC, Lakers. The Celtics have a collection of very good players and amazing depth but I dont think we can say they have 2 Elites well maybe thats open for debate. My point is that to say Okafor and West dont constitute a pair of elite defenders isnt a prerequisite to be a contender. Is Lewis Elite or anything more than passable? Its worth considering what exactly our weaknesses and strengths exactly are.

    Heh the step on the throat called to mind 42’s request for a tough guy…opps half times over…..

  3. Stat guys:

    How many quarters have the Hornets held their opponents to less than 20 points.
    15 or less?
    Whats that ranking in the NBA?

  4. Wish I was wrong about my OKC prediction, but I am telling you that is a horrible matchup for us. They want teams to try and beat them from the perimeter and West and Okafor are just not the type of guys who can take advantage inside.

    Thunder shot about as bad as they can shoot and still won. I don’t want to see OKC, LA, or Utah in the first round. I am praying for Dallas.

  5. Good one.

    I still don’t think Jack has had a practice with the team.

    I think it’s our offense that’s lagging. We are playing better teams lately, and teams that score, and teams without great defense. We are allowing more than we normally allow, but less than they usually get. We however are not scoring against the bad defense. While it’s frustrating, I think this too shall pass; Monty basically said the offense installation was going to lag.

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