Live Chat with the Writers

Published: October 25, 2010

Did you think we were done with our Season Opening Extravaganza?  Season Preview Round-table discussion?  Podcast?  We’re not done!  We have a video coming later today, and . . .

Come join us tomorrow(Tuesday, October 26th), at 12:30 CDT for a live chat!  All of your favorite Hornets247 bloggers will be on it at some point, taking your questions, mockery and comments and responding in kind.

Except for that one guy.  You know who you are, Mr. Insists-Joe-Gerrity-needs-Cialis.  He swears he doesn’t.

See you there.  Mark your calendars!

Godfrey Jay
Godfrey Jay

Lol ^ but good stuff guys, I will mark it down

Joe Gerrity
Joe Gerrity

I'm confused. Are you saying that I have a gay lover who doesn't arouse me?