Hornets acquire Curtis Jerrells

Published: October 18, 2010

The Hornets link to the D-League and San Antonio continue to grow stronger as Hornets GM Dell Demps has traded a 2nd round pick to the San Antonio Spurs in return for Curtis Jerrells, a former D-league point guard that played for him for three years on the Austin Toro’s.

Me?  I don’t know anything about Jerrells.  I can hope about him, but I hoped about Shakur, and he’s gotten only a few minutes of highly ineffectual burn in the preseason.  Still, there does appear to be more promise here.  From our THN Compatriot and Spurs Blog, 48 Minutes of Hell.

. . . so far this preseason, Gee can’t find the court.  Instead, his former Austin Toros teammate Curtis Jerrells is using training camp as a career stepping stone. Jerrells is one of the Spurs’ most productive players this preseason.

And last night, Jerrells sparked the Spurs to victory against the Clippers.

Jerrels entered the game with 2:34 remaining in the third. The score was 63-78, bad guys. Jerrells grabbed the reigns and led the Spurs offensively and defensively for the remainder of the contest. In 15 minutes, Jerrells had 11 points, three assists, a steal, and a variety of timely shots, whether from deep or near the hoop. And he continues to play surprisingly good on-the-ball defense. Jerrells finished the game +14.

I’m not sure what to make of Jerrells’ preseason, other than the obvious. He’s better than we expected. He played well in summer league, but not exceptionally well.  But other than DeJuan Blair and Tim Duncan, Jerrells has had the best preseason of any Spur. Curtis Jerrells, the kid from Baylor. The Austin Toros project.

All things considered, this sounds good, and 2nd round picks aren’t worth much.  I do wonder at trading a pick for a guy who may have been being cut anyways (also reported in that same 48 Minutes of Hell post) but since no information was released about the terms around the trade of the pick and if the Spurs will ever get it,  it’s not something I’ll worry about.
It does look, however, like DJ and Shakur are not impressing our Front Office.  We should expect to see some players heading to Europe in the near future.


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