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Total Rebounding Rate Numbers For Hornets Players in 2009-2010

Published: October 13, 2010

While looking through the stats from the first few games, it occurred to me that the Hornets might have some serious rebounding problems this year. In the first two games of the meaningless preseason they were out-rebounded 95-71, which isn’t completely telling since they played the deep bench much of the game. It caught my eye nonetheless. As it turns out, aside from center and point guard the team has a pretty real deficiency.

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Aaron Gray and Emeka Okafor clock in 9th and 20th overall among all players who averaged 5 minutes a game for more than 10 games last year, (Sean Marks was 19th), and both project to rebound similarly this year. Although Gray might have a small drop off, he is a good rebounder and his numbers from last year don’t look like a fluke, even though he only played 259 minutes. He’s improved his rebounding numbers in each season so far.

Aside from the centers the team really has a problem pulling down rebounds. While Chris Paul is slightly above average, and Marcus Thornton carries his weight, the rest of the team is all below average. Not a single power forward, small forward or shooting guard was above average last season, and that means trouble. Emeka Okafor, while certainly being a top rebounder, does tend to struggle against bigger centers. If he’s not winning his match up on the boards, it will smell trouble for the Bees in this coming season.


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