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Welcome to the new

Published: October 3, 2010

All may look pretty much the same around here, but I assure you that a lot done changed.

I’ll run through the newness for you in a second,  but first and foremost, like I mentioned on Thursday, you may need to re-register with the site since we were only able to transfer a handful of user accounts from the old system. If you have ever posted a Journal article, your account has been transferred and you should have received an e-mail from me this morning with your login details. If that doesn’t include you, please re-register here. Contact is via this page if you have any problems. And again, our apologies for the inconvenience.

Right, on to the highlights:

  1. We’ve gone ahead and added a forum! Yes, there’s already a great Hornets forum out there (what up, HR!), but you guys kept asking for a 247 discussion board and we had to shut you up somehow ;-). We’ll start small with this and see if it makes sense. The forum will be the place for  informal discussion, posting quick links, asking questions, throwing out rumors, etc. It’s all new to us, so let us know what you think and how we can improve it.
  2. We’ve kept the Journals section but changed up the submission process a little, feedback is welcome on that. Note that the Journals section is for anyone who wants to write blog-style articles and have them read by lots of people. We expect a high level of quality there. Check here for more info.
  3. We have a new comment system, complete with ratings and nested responses. As before, you can comment on practically every piece of content published on the site, from blog posts to journal articles to news items to upcoming events. Unfortunately, we were unable to transfer your old comments to the new system. Our sincerest apologies for that. You can blame me since the old system I built was pretty shoddy and wouldn’t play nice when it came to comment migration.
  4. We’ve combined the old News and Lagniappe sections into one big news section. If there’s an article worth reading about the Hornets online, we’ll find it fast and list it there. You’ll also see a list of the latest news headlines in the sidebar on the homepage.
  5. We now have a polling system. You should see our first poll question in the sidebar to the right. Go nuts.

All good methinks, but the best thing about this new system we’re running is that it affords us the flexibility to add many additional features down the road. We have some other things in the pipeline, and I’m sure you guys will continue to give us excellent ideas for improving the site.

A couple of other things to mention:

  • We’ve gotten rid of the on-site avatars and jumped aboard the Gravatar steamship. Head on over to if you want to have an image associated with the e-mail address you registered with us. That image will show on your profile (example) and beside your postings on the site.
  • You might also want to double-check any of our RSS feeds you’ve been using. A few of them changed address. You can see the full listing of our feeds here.
  • Your first comment will be held for moderation. Once we approve it, you’ll be able to comment freely in future.

Let us know if you spot any bugs. Still a few kinks to be worked out. Get at us in the comments.

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