Welcome Back, Jannero Pargo

Published: September 24, 2010

So the Hornets have signed Jannero Pargo back to the team.  I’ve been so gloomy about personnel moves, that I think I’ll take a different tack this time. 

Yay!  Fond memories of 2007-2008.  At least the end of it.  Except for the missed shot to tie the game against the Spurs in game 7.  And all those missed shots the rest of the season that everyone forgets.  And the fact he’s been injured a lot, is 31, and depended entirely on speed.

Okay, I’ll stop now.  He’s on a 1-year minimum contract, and he’s friends with Paul.  That’s something at least, right?  And this was fun:

Hey look.  Jason Kidd looking bad and Julian Wright playing meaningful minutes.  Some of the best moments as a Hornets fan.

Oh, and these two videos are kinda fun.

All I know now is that with Willie Green and Pargo in camp, Shakur and Strawberry are going to have to shine to make the team.

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