Thank You, Dell Demps

Published: September 22, 2010

Just have to say this.

Thanks, Dell.

Why?  Because of the way he handled Chris Paul.  Leon Rose is Paul’s agent.  He is also Carmelo’s agent.  The Nuggets got hit with pressure by Leon and his associates, they hired a new GM, then began to waffle.  They thought about trying to not trade Carmelo, and are now considering trading Carmelo.  At the same time, they still sort of hope Carmelo might decide to stick with Denver.

The result:  Carmelo has been the primary NBA headlines for about three weeks now.  Continuously, and with no end in sight.

On the other hand, there’s the way Demps handled it.  He was hired, and a week later he had his first sit down with Paul.  Aterwards, non-sensational  press releases were issued, Paul essentially co-signed them, and then, almost simultaneously, the NBA issues a strongly worded memo about how players, agents, and their reps are not allowed to contact other NBA teams without permission from the team the player is under contract with. 

If you think that timing was a coincidence, you’re a sucka! (Been watching the old A-Team shows with my kids, foo!)

Paul now says the right things, Demps and Williams say the right things, and the story is inert.  That’s a result of a firm response by Demps, and I appreciate it no end. Could it erupt?  Sure.  But if Demps hadn’t handled it the way he did, this whole off-season would have been extremely depressing.

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