Being Dell Demps

Published: July 26, 2010

Imagine you found a door in your house that entered Dell Demps mind today- allowing you to manipulate his thoughts and words. For those of you who have seen the 1999 film Being John Malkovich, you can relate to this scenario. For others, I know it seems rediculous, but go with me here. 

Now Chris Paul sits down with you today and has one simple objective- to win. He wants to know from you what your plan would be to accomplish this goal moving forward. Here is your chance- what do you say?

As part of the Hornets247 community, we want to hear from you. What would your plan look like? Lay it out for us and comment on others’ plans as well. Remember, be respectful- if you disagree that is fine, but cite your reasons for disagreement in a respectful manner.

I will go first and I fully expect most to disapprove, but what is discussion without critical feedback? Here goes:

Me (as DD):”Chris, we have two proposals that are on the table right now that we are ready to move on. The first will send Peja and Posey to Detroit for Rip Hamilton and T. Prince. The second will send Julian Wright and Songalia to Orlando, along with our 1st round pick next year for Gortat.” 

Chris: “Okay, interesting. And why those two trades? How do you see that playing out?”

Me: Well, we know we have to get you some more help on the wings and we think Rip and Tayshaun are great players with championship experience. We know Rip is getting older and has a pretty big contract but we feel that if he only has to play 25-30 minutes a night we can keep him fresh and he can provide for us much of what Ray Allen has for Boston in the twilight of his career. As for Prince, he is in a contract year and has tasted winning and success. We feel that with SF being Monty’s position of expertise, we can get a lot out of him and our new draft pick Pondexter- both offensively and defensively.”

Chris: “I like it, those guys are winners. And what about this Gortat guy?”

Me: Well, we think we can help Emeka improve on what he did last season, but we want some more size in that frontcourt to help us control the boards and get you out in transition. And get DC out in the open court when you are resting.”

Chris: “You know I don’t like to rest.”

Me: “I know, but we plan on going deep in the playoffs this year, and believe me you will be happy we kept your legs fresh in late April.”

Chris: “Okay, so Rip, Prince, and Gortat in- I like it. I can win with that.”

Me: “I know you can- see you in early October. Rest up because it is going to be a 100 game season.”


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