Chris Paul to New York is Moronic at Best

Published: July 12, 2010

Supposedly Chris Paul had some interesting things to say at Carmelo Anthony’s wedding and they didn’t concern the honeymoon or the electric slide.

According to a person who spoke with Amare Stoudemire, Paul made a reference during a speech of a potential union of himself, Stoudemire and Anthony, saying, “We’ll form our own Big 3,”.

It’s no coincidence that this is being reported by the NY Post. Frankly I have found Marc Berman to be a bit of a hack in the past and can recall him being completely off more times than anyone else in the business. That said, let’s continue.

Out of curiosity, how does “We’ll form our own big 3” mean that they are doing it in NY? The New York Knicks ownership has been THE WORST in the NBA for years and years and years. The Clippers take a lot of heat, as do the Timberwolves, but the Knicks pay top dollar for crap every single year. Only a fool would pin his championship hopes on a team as consistently bad as they are.

Is Chris Paul a fool? It never occurred to me that he was, but if he thinks that the NY Knicks are the best spot for a title then apparently I was mistaken.

The team hasn’t had a winning season since the year 2000. That’s 10 long years of losing and the Knicks NY Post thinks the world will believe that Paul wants to come there… to win?

Try not being the worst team in the league and then we can talk about whether or not a guy who wants nothing more than to be a champion will even consider playing for you. Seriously, is this a joke?

Pretty much the Knicks just missed out entirely on free agency, and now instead of accepting that nobody wants to play for the worst run team in the NBA they have opted to try to spread propaganda that Chris Paul and Carmelo are dying to come aboard. This isn’t baseball and you aren’t the Yankees. You’re more like the Mets except without the benefit of being able to spend more money than anyone else. When the new CBA comes into effect you can safely bet that teams won’t be able to overspend like they currently can.

What happens when the Knicks are forced to spend like the rest of the league? Well if their past is any indication we might be looking at the worst franchise in basketball history. Dave Berri rated the Knicks as being by far the worst run team in the NBA.

The idea that they would become a free agent hot spot after their biggest advantage (overpaying players) is eliminated is just laughable. Truly and honestly laughable. HAHAHAHAHA. See?

If Paul wants to form a big three, why would it be in NY? Mr. Glass Knees (Amare) isn’t Dwayne Wade and nobody in that organization is Pat Riley.

There is a reason the Suns wouldn’t pay Amare top dollar and it doesn’t have to do with them being cheap. He’s due to have that knee operated on again sometime soon and when he does half the NBA will say “I told you so”. Is it any surprise that it’s the Knicks that signed him?

That’s the way they got into the mess they are in now to begin with. Bad decision making followed by frantic overpaying of free agents with problems. It’s like the team is being run by a some 13 year old dude in his basement playing fantasy basketball in between World of Warcraft battles. Their ineptitude is borderline historic at this point. You really have to work hard to pay as much money as they do and still not win games. Even a blind squirrel (The Clips) finds a nut every once in a while.

Mike D coach has never had a finals appearance

Their GM is hanging by a thread after completely and utterly missing out everyone in free agency.

Their owner quite possibly has the worst track record of anyone who owns a  major professional sports team.

Since the last time the Knicks touched .500, the Hornets have done it four times… IN THE EASTERN CONFERENCE.

Not only that, but their fan base is about to be drastically reduced when the Nets  move on over to Brooklyn. People in NY love a bandwagon and the Nets actually (get this) have good players on their team!

Why am I even reading what Marc Berman has to say anyway? As I said, the guy is a sock puppet for the Knicks.

Rant done.

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