New Orleans Hornets Draft Day Thread

Published: June 24, 2010

It is officially draft day for the New Orleans Hornets and the open thread has arrived. After an unusually stressful day of Chris Paul trade speculation fueled by a long distance interview and a statement from current owner George Shinn, Hornets fans everywhere are probably ready for some potential good news.

Television coverage for the event begins on ESPN at 6PM Central time. If the Hornets stand pat and pick 11th, the decision should be announced around 7:20 in the evening.

Ryan told you what to expect, but there’s more to talk about. What is your dream scenario? Who do you really not want to see taken? Which player is a steal in the second round?

If this awesome thread wasn’t enough to get you excited, Hornets247 is proud to bring you live coverage from the Alario Center on draft night, where Monty Williams, Jeff Bower, and other Hornets personnel will be gathered to make their decision. Coach and GM both are expected to address the media, answer questions and talk about the pick. I’ll be right there to keep you posted with live, breaking information starting at 5:00 and continuing all the way through

In the meantime though, let’s talk draft.

Realistically the Hornets won’t be able to move to up grab DeMarcus Cousins, and he doesn’t really the mold of the players the Hornets tend to pick. Still though I think the guy is going to be pretty damn good right away. As of now he’s slotted as number three in my Rookie of the Year Award rankings (which were just made in my head), trailing Blake Griffin and John Wall.

Potential draft day trades are always fun, and as Ryan noted, moving Darren Collison to Indiana has been discussed quite a bit lately. What would a fair price be? Can I pretend that the Pacers are going to trade Danny Granger to the Hornets because in the past 24 hours they haven’t flat out denied it?

Some information that you might be interested in:

Historical 11th pick information

2000 Jerome Moiso

2001 Kendrick Brown

2002 Jared Jeffries

2003 Mikael Pietrus

2004 Andris Biedrins

2005 Fran Vazquez

2006 JJ Redick

2007 Acie Law

2008 Jared Bayless

2009 Terrence Williams

Hornets Draft History (thanks Wiki!)

College/High School/Club
1988 1 8 Chapman, RexRex Chapman  USA SG Kentucky
1988 2 34 Tolbert, TomTom Tolbert  USA PF/C Arizona
1988 3 58 Moore, JeffJeff Moore  USA PF/C Auburn
1989 1 5 Reid, J.R.J.R. Reid  USA PF North Carolina
1989 2 29 Nix, DyronDyron Nix (traded to Indiana)[a]  USA SF/PF Tennessee
1990 1 5 Gill, KendallKendall Gill  USA SG Illinois
1990 2 39 Scheffler, SteveSteve Scheffler (from Houston)[b]  USA PF/C Purdue
1991 1 1 Johnson, LarryLarry Johnson  USA SF/PF UNLV
1991 2 28 Lynch, KevinKevin Lynch (from Denver)[c]  USA SF Minnesota
1992 1 2 Mourning, AlonzoAlonzo Mourning  USA C Georgetown
1992 2 35 Bennett, TonyTony Bennett  USA PG Wisconsin–Green Bay
1993 1 17 Graham, GregGreg Graham (traded to Philadelphia)[d]  USA SG Indiana
1993 1 20 Burrell, ScottScott Burrell (from San Antonio)[e]  USA SF Connecticut
1994 2 38 Hancock, DarrinDarrin Hancock  USA SG/SF Kansas
1995 1 22 Zidek, GeorgeGeorge Zidek  CZE C UCLA
1996 1 13 Bryant, KobeKobe Bryant (traded to L.A. Lakers)[f]  USA SG Lower Merion (H.S.)
1996 1 16 Delk, TonyTony Delk (from Miami)[g]  USA PG/SG Kentucky
1996 2 44 Rose, MalikMalik Rose  USA PF Drexel
1998 1 21 Davis, RickyRicky Davis  USA SG/SF Iowa
1998 2 50 Betts, AndrewAndrew Betts (traded to Indiana)[h]  UK C Long Beach State
1999 1 3 Davis, BaronBaron Davis  USA PG UCLA
1999 2 43 Nailon, LeeLee Nailon  USA PF Texas Christian
2000 1 19 Magloire, JamaalJamaal Magloire  CAN PF/C Kentucky
2001 1 16 Haston, KirkKirk Haston  USA PF Indiana
2003 1 18 West, DavidDavid West  USA PF Xavier
2003 2 48 Lang, JamesJames Lang  USA PF/C Central Park Christian (H.S.)
2004 1 18 Smith, J. R.J. R. Smith  USA SG St. Benedict’s (H.S.)
2004 2 44 Pickett, TimTim Pickett  USA SG Florida State
2005 1 4 Paul, ChrisChris Paul  USA PG Wake Forest
2005 2 33 Bass, BrandonBrandon Bass  USA PF Louisiana State
2006 1 12 Armstrong, HiltonHilton Armstrong  USA PF/C Connecticut
2006 1 15 Simmons, CedricCedric Simmons (from Milwaukee)[i]  USA PF North Carolina State
2006 2 43 Vinicius, MarcusMarcus Vinicius  BRA SF Objetivo São Carlos (Brazil)
2007 1 13 Wright, JulianJulian Wright  USA SF Kansas
2007 2 43 Haluska, AdamAdam Haluska  USA SG Iowa
2008 1 27 Arthur, DarrellDarrell Arthur (traded to Portland)[j]  USA PF Kansas
2009 1 21 Collison, DarrenDarren Collison  USA PG UCLA


Some interesting facts about the Hornets drafting past, and the number 11.

  • The Hornets have been in the draft lottery nine times in franchise history (excluding 1988, when they were an expansion team and had yet to play a game). They have improved their win total in the following season six times (66.6%).
  • Number Eleven possesses the qualities of intuition, patience, honesty, sensitivity, and spirituality, and is idealistic.
  • Kentucky and UCLA have produced three first round selections for the Hornets, the most of any school (Rex Chapman, Tony Delk and Jamaal Magloire from UK, and George Zidek, Baron Davis and Darren Collison in from UCLA).
  • In systems such as astrology and basic numerology, eleven is considered to be a Master Number (so watch out, punks).
  • Reggie Miller, Robert Horry and Allan Houston were all picked 11th in the draft.
  • 11 is the natural number following 10 and preceding 12 (Thanks again Wiki)

Want to predict the first 11 pics?

Copy and paste this into the chat below. Then fill it in. Voila, your very own mock draft. Let’s see who has been paying the closest attention. This will also be filled out as the real draft progresses.This will also be filled out as the real draft progresses.

1. Washington Wizards – John Wall

2. Philadelphia 76ers- Evan Turner

3. New Jersey Nets- Derrick Favors

4. Minnesota Timberwolves- Wesley Johnson

5. Sacremento Kings- DeMarcus Cousins

6. Golden State Warriors-Ekpe Udoh

7. Detroit Pistons-Greg Monroe

8. LA Clippers- Al-Farouq Aminu

9. Utah Jazz- Gordon Hayward

10. Indiana Pacers-

11. New Orleans Hornets-Cole Aldrich

In July of last year Chris Paul gave an interview in which his words were twisted and sensationalized. Ryan ranted about the absurdity of it all, and I think that it deserves revisiting. 


Are you excited? Almost everyone featured in those videos was drafted by the Hornets. Rasual is the exception.


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