Hornets Owner George Shinn Issues Statement Regarding Chris Paul

Published: June 23, 2010

George Shinn released a statement today regarding the speculation surrounding Chris Paul. Apparently he is just as sick of it as the fans are. Let’s be real here- Chris Paul is the best point guard the NBA has seen in quite some time. You don’t just give a guy like that way in an attempt to clear salary. Players like him aren’t traded for a bag of donuts and some expiring contracts.

What’s wild is that so many members of the media and so many fans have been duped into believing that it’s even a possibility. You would think they would know better. I mean, CP3 and Posey for Jameer Nelson and Vince Carter- Really? CP3 and Okafor for the third pick in the draft and Devin Harris- Are you kidding me? Perhaps they have never actually seen Chris Paul play point guard, or maybe they just don’t care if their stories have any truth to them.

Anyway, here’s the statement from Shinn. It’s pretty much exactly everyone already knows, but it’s still nice to hear.

“The resolve that my partner Gary Chouest and I have will always remain the same – to continue to build our legacy in New Orleans, and to develop a path and plan to win an NBA Championship for New Orleans and all of Louisiana. We are about building and sustaining a winning tradition. Chris Paul is the cornerstone of our franchise and brings us unequaled support on and off the court. We will continue to build around Chris Paul, and we want to see him in a Hornets uniform for the remainder of his career. We have an exciting future, and with the leadership of our new head coach and players like Chris Paul, we know the best is yet to come. We plan to take advantage of any opportunities to improve our team.”


Will this put an end to the insane speculation regarding Chris Paul? Probably not, but one can still hope.

For more coverage, check out Ryan’s post addressing the Hornets trade rumors.

Oh, and it’s interesting that this statement came from Shinn rather than Chouest.

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