Hornets receive the 11th pick of the Draft

Published: May 19, 2010

The Hornets received the 11th pick in the Draft tonight, which was the most likely outcome, of course.  Now that we are armed with that bit of information, we know exactly what sort of assets the Hornets will have for the upcoming off-season.

The 11th pick of the draft, in general, is just outside of where you want to be.  Picks 1 through 10 all have had significantly better results than picks 11 and up.  Still, there appears to be a number of possible prospects that could do a lot for the Hornets in the coming year – and of course, the 11th pick can easily be combined with other Hornets players for one of several position upgrades we all know they need.

The Wizards won the 1st pick of the draft, somehow all that karma with Gilbert Arenas coming back in spades to deliver John Wall to a team that desperately needs to start over.

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