Welcome to West Haterville

Last week we heard about Ryan’s old man-ness and how he really wanted OKC to lose. His wish was granted, as the Kobe company took down the Thunder in six.

Today I welcome you to Haterville, the home of hate. Now before you get your panties in a bunch, realize that I don’t really hate these teams per se, I just don’t want them to win. Well, to be more accurate, I’m rooting for their demise.

Do I need reasons? No, it’s a free country and I can hate whoever I want, except for players on the Hornets of course. And Michael Jordan, because he’s the reason I started watching basketball all those years ago. And Big Chief Monk Boudreaux. If you’re unsure about the requirement of love for Big Chief, I suggest you learn more about him.

Without further adieu:

The Jazz

One guy makes this whole team hate worthy. His name is Deron Williams and he’s a fantastic basketball player and nearly always the best point guard on the court. He also seems like a pretty good guy in real life.

In New Orleans, we have the utmost respect for point guards, and we consider ourselves to be connoisseurs in a sense. Yet I root against the Jazz because of Deron.

This one is pretty easy to grasp. Right now there are two arguments to be made for the superiority of Deron Williams over Chris Paul.

  1. In head to head match ups, the Jazz have whooped the Hornets ever since they both came into the league. This obviously is reflective of the caliber and style of play of the team.
  2. The Utah Jazz team also advanced further than the Hornets in the playoffs since the 2005 draft, reaching the Western Conference Finals.

Notice that I didn’t say they were good arguments? It’s because they aren’t. Using team play to compare an individuals play is just about as absurd as it gets.

If the Jazz were to win this series versus the Lakers, or heaven forbid, win the title, I would have to spend minimum 300 hours of my life explaining that team play is not the end-all in determining a players caliber.


The Lakers

Aside from winning tons of titles, employing KoMe Bryant, and having some of the most obnoxious fans in all the land (and also some great ones), there really isn’t too much to dislike about the Lake show this year. Regardless, I sided with Shaq during the break up and have held a grudge ever since. You can’t just go around breaking up one of the best duos of all time because Kobe wants to be the lone star.


The Spurs

I won’t ever forget when they killed our hopes and dreams in 2008. That alone is reason enough for Hornets fans.


The Suns

Although I have nothing against the Suns personally, and have no real reason to root against them, there are obvious reasons why you shouldn’t root for them. To start with, they can’t don’t play defense. Therefore they will lose. Rooting for a team bound to lose is never fun.

If you really want to root against them, and just not for them, then focus on Amare. If he’s not a guy whose number one motivation is money, then I’ve never met one.


The Flip Side

  • Watching Jerry Sloan win a title would be fantastic. If there was ever a coach who really deserved a ring, he’s the guy.
  • One reason I’d like to see the Lakers come out of the Western Conference is to see the LeBron’s lay the smack down in the finals. Kobe’s reaction would be priceless. Oh, and it would probably be a pretty good series.
  • If you’re a fan of quiet, hardworking, non-nonsense, fundamentally sound basketball teams, then the Spurs are probably who you want to root for.
  • Sure would be fun to see Steve Nash run and gun it in the finals.

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