The Thoughts of a Memphis Grizzly

Published: October 3, 2009

I’ve been rather slowly working on part two of my Southwest Hornet’s Rival reports about the Grizzlies and Spurs.  When putting together the Spurs section, I felt compelled to write about how much I like them.

I’ve almost finished the Grizzly half of my preview, and of course the two teams are like night and day.  I just can’t get away from one fact:

This organization is so messed up, no one could actually want to play for them at this point.  Giving away Pau Gasol.  Serving as a luxury tax dumping ground for other teams.  Trading for Zach Randolph and signing Allen Iverson.  Bringing them in despite having a need to develop the youngsters.  Letting Hakim Warrick walk for nothing. Having an owner who insists on disregarding the advice of his basketball people.  Seemingly a new coach or two every year.  They have such a low reputation, Juan Carlos Navarro happily went back to Spain and Ricky Rubio wouldn’t even come work out for them.

So, in honor of their pain, I figured I’d allow Mr. Smith from the Matrix deliver a speech about how they must feel.

Apologies to my friends over at Three Shades of Blue.

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