Hornets Volunteerism Day this Saturday

Published: October 1, 2009

Chris Paul working in the communityFrom UnitedWayNOLA.org:

The New Orleans Hornets and United Way for the Greater New Orleans Area believe in our community’s revitalization. With passion and pride, we are committed to this purpose.

We encourage you to participate in our Volunteerism Day on Saturday, October 3rd. Below is a detailed list of volunteer opportunities throughout the greater New Orleans area. Scroll down for more information on making a donation.

To thank you for your commitment to our community, the New Orleans Hornets will provide each volunteer with two free tickets to the October 10th pre-season game against the Oklahoma City Thunder. We will collect your contact information at each volunteer site and send your tickets soon after our Volunteerism Day!

I’ll be helping out, painting classrooms at the Uptown Learning Center. From speaking to the organizer of that project yesterday, it sounds like they still have plenty of room for more volunteers. I hope you can make it there or to one of the other projects. Check out the list and see what opportunities are close to you. Just a quick phone call and you’ll be set.

Let’s get some good karma built up for this season. We’re already in need of it.

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