Groundless Conspiracy Theory: The Impending NBA Referee Lockout

Published: September 18, 2009

Well, since I just broke one of my long-standing policies (Never say anything good about the Spurs) I figure I’ll break another pair of policies:

  1. Conspiracy Theories are stupid.
  2. Don’t talk about referrees.

So here’s my great conspiracy theory, which, like all good conspiracy theories, has no basis in fact whatsoever:

Over the past three or four NBA seasons, it has seemed like every week has brought another Referee controversy.  In fact, one of my least favorite things about moving about in the NBA blogosphere I am a part of is the incessent whining about NBA referees and all the agendas attributed to them.   At one point last season I pointed out that it wouldn’t surprise me if we went the way of the Italian Soccer League, which has has an hour-long weekly show devoted to how referees are screwing over teams or players.  That’s all they talk about.


Anyways, you know the NBA front office is highly aware of the complaints about their referees, particularly with there being so many big-name sports columnists who just baldly state that NBA referees have become terrible.(Really?  Anyone ever watch NBA Classic?  Referees made the same sort of mistakes in the “good ol days” too.  It’s a damn hard job.)

So, Commissioner Stern realizes he has an impending PR nightmare on his hands with the beating the reputation of his referees is taking. Can’t you just imagine him  sitting in his office, thinking to himself, “So.  These fans think my referees suck.  Let’s give them something to really whine about: replacement refs for two months.  By December, the fans will be begging to get our real refs back, and then I can bring the real referees back as conquering heroes . . . after I save some money through the Pre-season and November.  Muwahahaha.  I win again!  Twice!”

Doesn’t that perfectly explain why the the talks with the referees to extend their contract with the NBA broke down?  For what the referees report was a negligible amount of money?

. . .

Or, of course, it could be that the NBA wants to cut more than the refs want to lose – and it’s an honest lock out.  But who wants reality?

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