Trade Official, Time to Welcome Chukwuemeka Noubuisi Okafor

Published: July 28, 2009

Yeah, that’s his name.  Chukwuemeka means “God has done well” according to 

Anyways, just declared it official, so it’s a done deal.  Farewell, Tyson Chandler, I’ll put something up about you a little later.  For now, let’s greet Emeka Okafor with some snazzy Youtube goodness:

Okafor Highlight Reel

Okafor on the Fundamentals of Shot-Blocking

Okafor Posterizing Greg Oden

I include this because I have a friend who has a strange, unexplained aversion to Greg Oden that is probably related to him being blocked by him all the time in NBA 2k9.

Welcome, Mek.

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