Survey time; Chris Paul jersey up for grabs

Published: July 17, 2009

Chris Paul jerseyAs part of our never-ending quest to make Hornets247 one of the top six websites in the entire universe, we’ve got a 2-minute survey we’d like everyone to take. It should help us make the site better and you could win a replica Chris Paul jersey for your efforts.

So, help us out. The survey is right here.

(Some quick rules: Only one entry accepted per person. The winner will be alerted via e-mail. We’ll happily go get the jersey in your preferred size and color and have it shipped to you, no matter where you live. If you already have a CP3 jersey, we can try get you the jersey of another Hornets player of your choosing. We intend for the winner to be chosen at random, but we may just end up choosing someone who gives a really thoughtful answer to question 6.)

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