Game 2: The Nuggets Beat the Hornets

Published: April 23, 2009

My optimism is pretty much all played out after these two games.  There’s a lot that could be said about the game, but I’ll just list a set of five and let those of you who are up to it fill in the rest.

  • I can’t remember a single Hornet fast break before the bench was cleared in the fourth.  Not even one consisting only of Paul.  I thought they wanted to push the game a little?
  • Tyson Chandler can barely jump.  Sure, he got a pair of alley-oops – when he was given about ten feet to pick up speed.  But while rebounding he did most of his work flat-footed.  If he didn’t body his guy, they just jumped and took the ball out of his hands because he wouldn’t(couldn’t) really jump himself.  In the fourth he was limping noticeably.

  • The Nuggets hit a ton of straight up mid-range jumpers, which is typically the shot you want to give.  Carmelo was exclusively a midrange jumpshooter in this game, and he only got 22 points on 20 shots.  That’s what we WANT.  Again it was wasted.
  • Paul was bumped every time he drove.  On the way in, and if he made it past the first guy, he was bumped by whomever was in the paint.  Tough, physical defense by Denver – and it paid off because Paul only shot four free throws.
  • Turnovers were a big problem, particularly steals.  8 steals for the Nuggets, 1 for the Hornets.

It was a depressing game – and the way the team has played the last month reminded me of my favorite poster:

So, we now have to pin our hopes on sweeping the games at home to even the series.  Next game is Saturday.  G’night.

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