The Warriors beat the Hornets

Excuse me while I half-ass this recap. It’s been a long week with these late games, and I don’t feel much like writing about a Hornets-Warriors match-up that featured four missed dunks and an airballed free throw. And of course the Hornets lost, 103-111, despite G-State missing 190 percent of their roster due to injury.

Quick bullets:

  • No help for Chris Paul and David West. CP shot 16-of-28 for 43 points, West was 14-of-27 for 31 points. The rest of the team combined was 10-of-28 for 29 points. Rasual and Devin couldn’t hit anything but still played big minutes.
  • Looking good on the injury front at least. West was back banging in the post and hobbled very little. Peja was rusty but not afraid to post up or take the ball to the basket. I expected him to be really hesitant to do either. Good sign.
  • The pace seemed to be much more in G-State’s favor for the majority of the night. They were running and gunning and taking guys off the dribble every chance they got. Our lack of footspeed was very evident once again.
  • Defensively, the Warriors went mostly under the picks against CP and crowded West down low. Good game plan on a night where we couldn’t hit the three-ball, finishing just 6-of-21 from deep.
  • Not all that impressed with Jamal Crawford’s 39 points. All he wanted to do was pull off some dribble moves before launching. I believe he still has the lowest personal winning percentage of any player in the NBA. I was impressed with Anthony Randolph though. 20 points and 15 boards. Kid can ball.
  • Is it just me, or do our guys moan and bark a lot less at officials now than they did earlier in the season? It’s like they made a conscious decision to behave themselves in that regard.

We really should have gotten the win tonight against such a short-handed team. This should have been the easiest game on the road trip; turns out it’s the only one we lose. 2-1 on the trip ain’t bad, but it’s frustrating dropping one like that.

In rival action tonight, the Mavs, Jazz and Rockets lost, while all our other close foes won. The Blazers jump up to the 4 seed, putting us back into 6th. Still only a half-game behind the Rockets. Full standings here.

Jazz at the Arena on Sunday. Big game.

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