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The Knicks Beat the Hornets

Published: March 28, 2009

On League Pass, it was the Knicks announcers, and I got to feel superior to Knicks fans as Baseball and Hockey players were regularly trotted out to talk about their sports – since the Knicks season is already done.  I felt pretty smug about how my team wasn’t finished yet.

Then the Hornets crapped a brick in the third, West, who had a great first half, couldn’t get anything going in the third, and once again Paul wasn’t enough to save the team, and both Paul and West looked really tired in the fourth.  Poor Niall, having to watch that in person.

As many observations as I can stand:

  • Julian is not an offensive threat.  He can do a lot out there – but if you couple him with Sean Marks, that’s two players other teams can simply ignore.  I love what he does on the glass, and defensively, but he’ll be hard to support until he’s a bit more consistent offensively.
  • Posey was an idiot. 
  • Our defense went to hell once Hilton went out.  He was doing a pretty good job showing hard on pick and rolls and keeping the Knicks on the perimeter until he hurt his ankle.  I’m so sick of injuries.  Just sick of them.  Hilton did  show his offensive flair again – and also showed that he has a hard time holding on to the ball and struggles boxing out on the boards.
  • Morris Peterson got some extensive burn with Posey and Marks sucking.  I liked what he gave us.
  • I’m not sure why Byron is still insisting on playing Butler, Paul and West 40+ minutes.  The bench played well again in the first half and extended the lead.  The starters had already laid an egg in the third – let them rest and maybe come back stronger.
  • Butler had a bad game.  All around.  Perhaps the previous bullet is impacting him too.

Bleh.  Have a good night.

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