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Note: this post is about the “social networking and micro-blogging service” known as Twitter. If you don’t know what Twitter is, check here and here for some explanations. If you have no interest in following us on Twitter, you can still catch our updates by checking the middle column in the footer at the bottom of every page here on Hornets247.

I’ve been fooling around with the Twitter thing for a while now. We have our blog feed pumped into it automatically, and I’m usually able to get brief game notes and other Hornets info up there. It’s a handy way for folks to keep up with us. As of this writing, we have 124 followers, but we’re following nobody.

That latter part is about to change. I’m usually so absorbed in everything Hornets that I’ve been hesitant to start following people on Twitter for fear that I’d become even more absorbed, and eventually over-absorbed. (I mean, really, there seems to be so much information out there that I could literally spend each and every day doing nothing but reading and writing about the Hornets. Which, of course, would lead to a mental breakdown.) I’ve decided to give the following thing a go though. Let’s see how useful it can be.

We’ll start off slow, only following people who tweet mostly about the Hornets. The purpose of this post is to list and link to such twitterers, so that you can follow them too if you like, and perhaps suggest a few we missed via the comments (we’ll be ready with the spam trigger, so don’t list anyone that’s not relevant). Without further ado:

Who Hornets fans should follow on Twitter:

These are the essentials. Follow everyone in this list and you won’t miss much happening with the Hornets.

I also came across a couple of Hornets news aggregator types on Twitter (like here and here). Those are obviously automated though, and as such have a lot of irrelevant stuff sneaking in. I’m thinking a Twitter feed combining our News and Lagniappe feeds would be of much more value. If anyone thinks that would be worthwhile, let me know and I’ll get working on it.

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