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The Bulls Gored the Hornets

Published: March 15, 2009

Normally, I try to do a pretty good job with my recaps.  Give a few salient bits of information, point out some things the Hornets did wrong, some things they did right.  However, I don’t have a lot to say about this game.  Our outside shots weren’t falling and the Bulls were able to pack it in.  The Bulls defense was physical and our guys couldn’t hold on to the ball or convert on anything.  It had all the same problems of the Milwaukee game, except magnified.

The Hornets ran the same defense that the Bulls did, except for one exception – we didn’t wait to see if they were hitting their outside shots before ignoring the perimeter. 

It was a bad, painful game, and there was not much to be gained from watching it.

In fact, here’s a Poster from one of my favorite sites, to sum up watching that game.

At least Houston and Utah lost tonight too.  We play Houston Monday, and that game is important, since it will help settle tie-breakers and will probably prove important in determining which Southwest team will get the third or fourth seed.

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