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Your thoughts on the Hornets game day experience

Published: March 1, 2009

Requesting a little help here, please.

ESPN The Magazine compiles their Ultimate Standings: Fan Satisfaction Rankings each year, comparing 122 pro sports teams from the four major American leagues. In 2008, the Hornets made the giant leap from #44 to #3 on the list, ranking first overall in bang-for-buck and affordability. One of the categories the Hornets scored comparatively low in was stadium and game day experience, and they’re expected to rank low in that category again this year.

So, in the comments of this post, we’d like to get your thoughts on what you do and don’t like about New Orleans Arena and the Hornets game day experience. What can be improved? Is there anything that needs to go? Anything that needs to be brought back? What other sports arenas/stadiums do you prefer and why?

Your responses may be used by ESPN The Magazine for their Hornets spotlight in the 2009 edition of Ultimate Standings (see last year’s Hornets spotlight). So, you know, spellcheck and stuff.

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