Paul Injury Update and a . . . Paul Interview

Published: February 3, 2009

The reports out of New Orleans is that Chris Paul has a minor groin strain and will be listed as day to day. 

Since I’ve now been relieved that Paul won’t be out too long, I wanted to bring up something that my buddy and I saw a couple weeks ago.  The game after Tyson went down, Paul drew a whistle going to the hoop and fell to the floor, grasping his elbow in pain.  He rolled around there for a little while, a look of agony on his face, until two of his teammates were standing over him.  Suddenly, a big grin appeared on his face and he reached up with both arms, including the injured one, for them to help him off the ground.  My buddy swears he said something like “Did you believe me?” as he was lifted to his feet.  It certainly looked like he did it to mess with his teammates.

Well, last night I called Paul(he’s in my five), and had a conversation that explains everything:  The above story, the times he’s tumbled to the floor, arms flailing, at the lightest of bumps. His reaction to his groin injury last night.  Everything:

Ryan: Hey CP.
Paul: What’s up, man?  When we gonna throw down in 2k9 again?  You gotta give me a chance to make good.
Ryan: We’ll see, we’ll see.  I got a quick question for you first.  What’s up with your injury?
Paul: It’s alright, a little tight and all.  You know the trainer, Koffler, right?
Ryan: Yeah.
Paul: Well, he got some sort of book out, chanted some weird s**t and then told me to close my eyes.  I heard some squaking and stuff then suddenly it felt better.  Once I opened my eyes, there was blood and chicken feathers and stuff . . . you know how Koffler is, man.  He’s into some wrong stuff.  Still, it wasn’t hurting that bad before he did, but now it’s almost new.
Ryan: It sure looked like you were in pain on the court – what’s up with that?
Paul: Well, you know how it is.  Just tryin’ to keep pace.  You got me?
Ryan: Uh . . . no?
Paul: Well, I’m just tryin to keep up with Bron and Kobe, ya know?  Kobe’s got that glamorous LA scene and everything, and his jersey is all popular and stuff.  Bron’s got all those commercials and that whole Global Icon thing going on.  I’m just tryin to carve out my niche.
Ryan: By pretending your injury is worse than it is?
Paul: No man.  Acting!  I’m tryin’ to be an actor.  I mean, Ray Allen’s got nothing on me . . . have you seen my smile?  Everyone loves my smile, man.
Ryan: It’s a nice smile, Chris.
Paul: Really?  You’re not just saying that, right?
Ryan: Really, Chris. It’s nice.
Paul: That’s good, my mom always complimented me on my smile and all, but it’s good to get outside confirmation.
Ryan: No problem . . . so, uh, are you aiming for movies then or something? TV?
Paul: Naw.  That’s been done.  I’m gonna hit Broadway.
Ryan: Broadway?  Really?
Paul: Yeah – I was up there a week ago, hanging with Bron as he was looking for a cool place to move into, and I saw this play, Billy Elliot, ya know?  It touched me man.  This poor, struggling kid, everyone around him all dirt poor and stuff – and he just wants to dance.  And no one, I mean no one understood him.  He just wanted to dance, man.  Just wanted to dance . . .
Ryan: Are you crying?
Paul: *sniffle* No!  Shut up!
Ryan: Sorry.
Paul: Anyways, I wanna be the lead of that show.  I got moves on the court, off the court, everywhere, you better believe I got them on the stage.  You’ve never seen a guy who can dance like me.  I’d be perfect.
Ryan: Can you sing?
Paul: In the shower.
Ryan: I don’t think that necessarily translates.
Paul: Don’t trash my dreams.  If those guys won’t take me for Elliot, I’ll just go do the Lion King or something.  You know I’d make a badass Simbah.
Ryan: Great, could I be Scar?
Paul: Don’t be stupid.
Ryan: . . . Yeah, sorry.  Look, I gotta go . . .
Paul: Yeah, no worries.  Posey just arrived anyways and I gotta go beat him at being cool.  Later.
Ryan: Later.

True story.

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