Hornets Halfway Hot Spots

Published: January 28, 2009

The Sixers game yesterday marked the halfway point of the season for the Hornets (incidentally, we were the last team in the NBA to play game 41 on the schedule). No better time to try spot some shooting trends via NBA.com’s Hot Spots. If you’re unaware, Hot Spots shows you how teams and players have been shooting from certain spots on the floor. Red is good, blue is bad. You can filter by home/away games, opponent, and other such stuff. I’ve picked out a few charts I found interesting. Here they are:

Team shooting

Last season:

Hornets Hot Spots for the 2007-2008 season

This season:

Hornets Hot Spots for first half of the 2008-2009 season

We’re not shooting as well from the low blocks this season, but we seem to be more efficient from just below the free throw line. We’re shooting more threes from the corners, and less jumpers from just inside the arc.

Devin Brown

This season:

Devin Brown's 2008-09 midseason Hot Spots

About what you’d expect overall from Devin. If you compare home vs. away though, you’ll find that his shooting is not nearly as atrocious on the road as it is in New Orleans.

Rasual Butler

Last season:

Rasual Butler's 2007-08 Hot Spots

This season:

Rasual Butler's 2008-09 midseason Hot Spots

Rasual’s resurgence is evident in the shot charts. He’s been deadly from the corners.

Antonio Daniels

This season:

Antonio Daniels' 2008-09 midseason Hot Spots

Last 10 games:

Antonio Daniels' Hot Spots for the last 10 games

AD has appeared to be more aggressive lately, getting by his man on the perimeter and letting go of quick jumpers or runners. He doesn’t put up a lot of shots though, so the 10-game sample size may be misleading.

Sean Marks

This season:

Sean Marks' 2008-09 midseason Hot Spots

Someone tell Sean to stay in the middle of the floor.

Chris Paul

Last season:

Chris Paul's 2007-08 Hot Spots

This season:

Chris Paul's 2008-09 midseason Hot Spots

For a little guy he finishes pretty well at the basket, doesn’t he? He’s been pretty shy shooting from the corners this season and last, and his teardrop from just below the foul line seems to be going down nicely this year. He’s not making as many threes, going from .369 last season to .337 so far in this one.

Morris Peterson

This season:

Morris Peterson's 2008-09 midseason Hot Spots

Mo Pete’s been deadly from the corners and he’s finishing around the rim.

James Posey

Last season:

James Posey's 2007-08 Hot Spots

This season:

James Posey's 2008-09 midseason Hot Spots

Quite a difference between New Orleans and Boston for Posey. He’s playing time has increased by almost four minutes a night, and he’s shooting career bests from the field (.469) and from three (.432) while averaging double figures (10.1ppg) for the first time since the 2003-04 season.

Peja Stojakovic

Last season:

Peja Stojakovic's 2007-08 Hot Spots

This season:

Peja Stojakovic's 2008-09 midseason Hot Spots

This season vs. Suns (2 games):

Peja Stojakovic's 2008-09 midseason Hot Spots vs. Suns

Peja doesn’t seem to be firing near as many mid-range jumpers this season. Actually, he’s been getting less shots from almost every spot on the floor. He’s not quite as deadly from the corners as he was last season, and he’s favoring that right wing a lot more. And against Phoenix, he’s just been lighting it up all over the floor.

David West

Last season:

David West's 2007-08 Hot Spots

This season:

David West's 2008-09 midseason Hot Spots

This season vs. Lakers (3 games):

David West's 2008-09 midseason Hot Spots vs. Lakers

West is shooting at a .474 clip from the field this season, compared to .482 in 2007-08. Not much of a difference, but from the charts we can see that his 17-footer hasn’t been falling as well this year. Looks like he’s picking up the slack straight below the foul line. And he’s been killing the Lakers in the middle of the floor.

Julian Wright

Last season:

Julian Wright's 2007-08 Hot Spots

This season:

Julian Wright's 2008-09 midseason Hot Spots

Struggling to find consistent minutes, JuJu hasn’t been finishing as well at the rim this season, but his mid-range jumper looks to be slightly improved. A small sample size again though.

There’s probably a few more interesting things in there that I’m missing. Check out Hot Spots for yourselves and let us know what you find in the comments.

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