The Hornets Beat the Hornets while the Cavaliers Watched

Published: January 17, 2009

In the fourth quarter, both Chris Paul and James Posey decided they were done, drew their second technical fouls and went off to the showers early.  I was in complete agreement with the sentiment.

That was a terrible game, made more irritating by the incessant ranting provided by the play-by-play crew.  Yes, we could see the Hornets weren’t playing hard.  Mark Jackson and Van Gundy needed to shut up.  Observations:

  • The Hornets were bad.
  • Don’t believe anything Mark Jackson said.  The Hornets are NOT a better defensive team from last year no matter what the per game averages are.  Really, it’s not even close – and that could be easily seen by the ten or so wide-open three point shots in the first half.  No rotation.  No effort to rotate.  Yeah, the Cavs shoot 35% on average – but that’s when people are contesting them.  Leave em open, and surprise, they shoot well.
  • Butler and Peja were the only guys playing hard from the tip.
  • We tried to make a push in the second half, but by that point LeBron was dialed in from 19 feet, and hit enough to hold us off.
  • West had his moments.  In the first half, they were mostly bad moments.  In the second half, they were mostly good moments – other than hitting a spectator in the fourth row with a bad pass, that is.
  • The game was stultifyingly slow – and for a lot of it I was watching it at the lowest fast-forward setting on my TIVO, and it was STILL slow.

I don’t have anymore to say.

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