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Published: November 4, 2008

We’re just over one week deep into the newest version of Hornets247, and I’m gonna go ahead and highlight some of the goodness that we’ve seen already. Diving right in:


Dariusz has been busy adding to the Wallpapers section. There’s now ten Hornets walls in there, including two fresh off the workspace. Also, many thanks to Mr. Ejkiewicz for the excellent new Hornets-Hawks theme that we have on the site. We plan to change it up every now and then to keep things spicy.


I’m liking what folks have been posting in the Journals. Chris Trew has been letting us know what opposing team’s announcers have been saying during the games, while Matt McIntosh has come up with a nickname for James Posey that just might stick. Thanks to everyone for posting quality stuff. It’s exactly what I was hoping for. Listing a few more journal highlights from the past week:

Remember, if you’re a registered user you can go ahead and post your own journal entry.


We’re still posting regularly in the Lagniappe section but most people don’t seem to be finding it. Here’s a few stories I dumped in there earlier today:


Billions and billions of years ago we set up a Hornets247 group on YouTube. It was left to rot over the summer but I’m aiming to get it back on track now. Basically, anyone with a YouTube account can join the group and post videos on there. We’ve already got highlights from the Hornets’ first three games added to the group, plus this very persuasive Chris Paul for President mix…

Pity I can’t vote tomorrow.

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