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Dry-Erase Shoes

Published: November 3, 2008

Reebok has recently released a pair of Dry Erase shoes called the ATR Talkin’ Crazy.  Now, our boy Chris Paul wears Jordan Brand Nike’s, so we won’t see him sporting them any time soon.

However, Peja Stojakovic, Morris Peterson, and Rasual Butler all wears Reebok, and Peja even wears ATRs.(ATR The Pump Torch) What I wouldn’t give to see Peja wearing a pair of these shoes and writing smack talk on them.  He could even do it in Serbian(though he’d probably write it in Cyrillic):

Reebok ATR Talkin' Crazy

“Ko ume, njemu dve!”

Translation: The one who can, gets two.

Phear my photoshop skillz.  Let’s see what sort of smack talk you can come up with for our Reebok-wearing players.  Best smack gets a twelve dollar bill.

Note: really the above quote has nothing to do with basketball.  It means “A Skilled worker is paid double.”  Hey – that works in Peja’s case too.

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